November 12, 2012

Hola Familia y amigos,
Wow, I sure do love you all. I am glad to hear all the good news from this last week except for the new president, pero bueno que podemos hacer, (Oh well, we can deal with it) ha. Congrats Caiden on making the basketball team, that is awesome. Now you just got to go out and do work and slam it in some kid's faces like I always did to you haha. It's awesome to hear that so many people are heading out on missions. That makes me so happy - there aint nothin' better ha. It was also good to hear that my good old friend Ryan is home! That is crazy, I can't believe it.  You will have to give that skinny lurp a big hug  for me as well. That's crazy that it snowed like that out there. It is super warm and nice here now. Well, I am glad to hear from you all.
OK, now for a little bit on the week. BAPTISM!! Oh how I love baptism weeks. That part of the week was super awesome. The problem was we got so focused on that that we struggled in everything else, pero beuno (Oh well), we learn from our mistakes, right? The baptism was awesome though. It was on Friday and the Thursday before we got together with some of the Elders quorum in our ward and we made my oatmeal banana cookies and cakes for after the baptism. I was able to baptize Yanara and everything went super smooth. I love baptizing, it's so much fun!!!! We had a special musical number by the comp of Elder Contreras, he played the violin and it was so good it really invited the spirit. He played "The Spirit of God" and it was awesome, I loved it. Then afterwards we ate the cookies and cakes and everyone loved it. Yanara is really mixing well with the members, so that is really good. Also, we had like 4 investigators in the baptism. Over all I am very pleased especially because yesterday I got the "call" and I will be heading out this Wednesday. I will be going to..... PANGUIPULLI! haha, have fun with that name! It's even more north than I am right now ha. I just keep moving more and more north. I will be there with Elder Renshaw. The funny thing about this cambio is that Elder Renshaw just finished his training, so he got here with Elder Jensen and guess who trained him... Elder Rytting, my high school friend, haha, and guess who is coming here... Elder Rytting! We are just switching places, it's pretty awesome. I am pretty excited to get to work in another sector. I have made a goal that I am just going to go there with all I got and we are going to make miracles happen. It's never about the sector, it's always about the missionary. We are going to get things done out there and we are going to have some fun. We struggled this week in finding new investigators, but the work is moving forward. A lady named Berzabe was pretty upset to hear that I would be leaving, but she will be fine and I think she will be getting baptized here soon, as well as a young boy named Matias that is the grandson of a menos activo (less active), hopefully he will get baptized along with Julio and Jorge and even a few others. Yesterday as I thought about the time that I have had here and how this sector was when I got here, I can say that I put all my effort in to build God's kingdom here in Calle Calle. I went through some super tuff times here in Calle Calle, but I feel that much stronger from it and I feel like I will not leave any regrets as I head out to my new sector. I hope to continue to put all I've got into the work and never slow down, but just keep speeding up so that the time doesn't just pass me by like the mission seems to do.
What a life, the life of the mission, I sure do love it and I feel like I have become a different person and that I have grown a ton and that there is so much more to be learned and so much more to grow. Something that I found that I loved this past week that I want to share with you is in D & C 15:6 that talks of the thing that will be of most importance to me will be to declare repentance to these people so that in the last day I can rest with them in the presence of the Lord. I love this scripture and it has been one that has been running through my mind this last week. Our purpose as missionaries is to declare repentance and the first fruits of repentance is baptism for the remission of sins and the gift of the holy ghost. This is our purpose, and every day I hope to become better at calling all to repentance. I sure have much to improve but i sure love this job.
Well, that's all I've got for this week. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that one of my fillings in my tooth fell out. I think it's because I have been grinding my teeth at night. I will be trying to find time in my new sector to go to the dentist and see what I can do to get that filled as well as something to put in my mouth at night to protect my teeth. The problem is I will have to pay for it. So I might be taking some money out soon. Other than that everything is good. I love you all and I hope all is well. I love you.
Elder Brown
1. Yanara at her baptism
2. The activity after the baptism with all friends and family of Yanara
3. Cleaning the font to get it ready for the baptism
4. Bowling with the zone these are my zone leaders

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