May 28, 2012

Familia y Amigos,

Well, this Wednesday I head out to my new sector and I will be going to.............. Calle Calle!!!! I am not sure exactly where it is but I know it's close to Valdivia and that it rains a lot. My companion's name is Elder Contreras from Chile, my first Latin companion. I am excited to get out there and get to work. I have heard a lot of stories, good and bad. I am just going out there and I am going to work my very hardest and pray even harder ha. Funny thing about this sector is that Elder Purser, my trainer, went there right after he left me and now that he has left there I am going there. I am just following my "Dad" of the mission every where he goes. Other good news is that I will be in the same zone once again with Elder Anderson!!! I am excited about that. That's all the news for today. Oh, and that Elder Coria is going to be AP with Elder Nelson, cool huh? 

Well, a little bit about my last week here in Rahue. It is getting a little hard to say bye to all the people I love so much. I really do love all these people so so so so much. I have already almost cried twice saying bye to people and begging them to stay faithful to the end. So, that is like it says in D & C 130:2, that I can see them again after this life. Oh man, I love the people here. These last two days here are going to be a little tuff, especially saying goodbye to little Carolina, that I sent a picture of last week and all her family, because they are finally getting married and the mom is getting baptized on the 16th. I have worked with them since I got here. They are my family here. I love them. It will be a little hard but I will do it ha. 

I am so glad to hear that you all are having a great time down there in the wonderful place of Grandpa's world. I was showing those pics to my companion and telling him, "now there is the best place ever". Send everyone love from me. I sure do love every single one of them. Now for one thing I learned this week is found in D&C 15:6. The Whitmers ask what is the most important thing and the Lord answers, The thing of the most worth is to call repentance unto all so that we can bring a few souls unto him and live with them after this life in the presence of God. That hit me so hard. It really is the most important thing. All I want for the people here in Rahue is to repent and live the Gospel so we can see each other after this life. I am going to do my best to repent so I can go to. There is nothing that brings more happiness than that; to bring people to Christ. I have never been more happy than when I am doing that. That's all I want to do. That's the attitude I will take on as I go to any new area. I am going to help others repent so we can both together be in the presence of God after this life.

Well family, I love you all so very much. Don't worry about me but do pray for me that I can know how to be the best Elder I can be and how I can help everyone I come in contact with come closer to Christ as I try to do the same. Oh, and I am thinking I am going to want more garments soon, but I got to make sure I know what size I want, and decide if you sending them is the best idea. I love you all. The church is true and the book is blue.............. go cougers and now Miami Dolphins.
Elder Brown "Osito" (I think this translates to Teddy Bear)

May 21, 2012

Familia y Amigos,

Hey it's me your son. Ha, I am emailing from Elder Hoybjerg's email because for some reason my email is not working; it's wierd. I don't know what is happening for sure but here I am writing you all. First thing's first: Happy Birthday to all the wonderful girls in my family. Mother,Britt, and Lacee loo. I love you all so very much and I was thinking about Mom and Britt on their birthdays and I will think about you Lacee as well when yours comes around. Have a good one. You all will have to say hi to Grandpa Richard. I sure do love that guy. He cracks me up. Sounds like you all just had a partying week. I love all the pics you sent me Britt and Dad, they were awesome. That is awesome Mom that you got a camera. Now we will have to see how your skills are compared to Dad's.

This might not be the best, longest letter that I have written because I have less time today. Mom, I can't really think of anything I need right now. Maybe just more stuff to give to people, but that's about it. It's been really weird, but my jaw has been really bothering me lately. I am not sure what it is but I am hoping that the pain will pass, it's just a little bit annoying. That is so awesome that you guys get to go to Kanab to grandpa's world. Please give that place a kiss for me, haha. You have to tell everyone how much I love them all. Oh yeah that just made me think, is Brady married yet? Me and Elder Johnson, from the BYU swim team, want to now haha.

So, I got some pretty crazy news for you all. We had interviews with President Rappleye this week. I was so excited becuase he is one awesome man. We got in there and he asked me to tell him a story of an experience that had changed my mission. I told him the story about finding Veronica and Andres the family that lost their little kid. He thought it was an awesome story and he had me write it up and send it to him today in an email. Then we started talking about the next cambio and he told me that he will be putting me with an Elder that is pretty old in the mission but is still having a problem with obedience and stuff. He said that this will be his second cambio being the older companion. He said the last time he wasn't that great of an example for his younger comp. President told me that he wants me to try to help him, but by example and not by taking over. We talked for a good amount of time and I learned a lot just through that little bit of talking with him. I don't know where I am going or who the Elder is, but I do know for sure that I will be leaving. President told me I had to write him and tell me how the new ward is, haha. It was a cool interview. I am excited to get working this next cambio. I have been praying a lot to know what I can do to help whoever my comp is. I think I have received some good revelation for that.

I learned this week that a mission is not a sacrifice. It never was and it never will be. A sacrifice is like biting the bullet or something, taking the shot, giving up something and not receiving anything back. The mission is the opposite. The Lord said, "for he that loses his life for my sake shall find it". The Lord promises that anything that we may have felt we left behind as a sacrifice will be returned 100 fold more in blessings that we will receive in and from the mission. Any brother, sister, mother, father, truck, food, sports, girl that a missionary left behind, but goes out and loses his life in the work, will be blessed a hundred fold. I know that to be true. The mission is never a sacrifice. It's a blessing. I love the mission. There is nothing I would rather be doing. I have received so many blessings. I am going to work every day of my mission to lose myself more in the work. I love you all and I pray for you. Thanks for your love and support.
Elder Oso Brown

Thanks for the email. I am working on your letter right now. Keep updating me on what's happening in life.
Elder Brown

Thanks for the email bud. Keep getting better. Keep reading the Book Of Mormon. I love you and miss you bud.
Elder Brown

Sister Norris,
Thank you so much, you are so sweet. Keep updating me on everything.
Elder Brown

May 14, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! It was so good to see you familia. I am so sorry if it was hard to understand me. I was speaking English to those who spoke Spanish and Spanish to those who speak English. It was Spanglish all over the place. It was so hard to speak English for that long like that ha. I kept mixing in Spanish and I was forgetting how to say things in English. I loved seeing and talking to all of you. I can't even explain how much I love all of you. That was awesome! I loved every minute of it. Everyone looked so good even if some were a little sick and broken ha. I love you all so so so so so much. There is nothing better than my fam.

It sounds like you had an awesome time there in Cali with all the ladies mamasita. That's something that all you great mothers deserved. Our ward is full of some of the greatest, most awesome people that I know. Sorry Caiden to hear about how you won't be able to play any sports for awhile. Are you able to lift, because if you can you should just start hitting up the gym a lot. That's what you and me are going to do when I get home. I am going to get you big as well as get myself back to bigger than I am now ha. We are going to wake up early in the mornings as well to study scrips together. I already have it all planned out. You are going to be the biggest, strongest and the best missionary by the time you head out ha. 

I will have to say that I am pretty jealous that the fam will be heading down to Kanab soon. I sure do love that place. I remember the last time I was there. I remember sitting in the backyard at Matt's house and I just got really emotional to realize that that was the last time I was going to be there for 2 years. No worries, yo volveré. It was weird to hear Wade speak Spanish. Those Spañards talk a lot different than the Chilenos ha. Chilenos speak terribly bad haha. Como esti po loco ha. I am also very glad to hear that the truck lives again! You are very right dad, that thing is full of memories that we just can't get rid of. Did some miracle happen when you fixed it and now it gets better gas milage, hahaha, I wish ha. That's so cool that Terence made the summer camp. Good luck to that big, huge, bearded man. 

Oh how much I love the mission. I feel like President Holland when he said, "No one has been more affected by a two year mission than I was. I feel like that and there is still so much more changing to do. So much more to learn and a whole lot of Christ-like attributes to develop. I love it here. I miss my fam and love you all so much, but I would not rather be any where else but here helping others to change their lives and in the process change my own. This time is so important to me. I don't want to miss a minute. Please continue to pray for me that I will always be able to suck every last opportunity out of this 2 years. It's short, and there is a lot of finding and bringing the Lord's lost sheep back to him. I love you all. I am doing amazing, don't worry about me ever Mother. Thanks for your motherhood ha. 
Elder Brown

If you would like to read my goal for the mission, how i want to feel at the end read Alma 26 my fav. 
1.Elder Coria and me at the house of Nachos grandma in the country
2.Pretty awesome huh
3.This is what i was talking about when i said everyone goes to the campo (Country).
4.This is my favorite little girl in Chile, Carolina. She comes from the family that i said i loved so much. She is holding a note that there 14 year old left them on the fridge when she went on a trip to go to the temple. She is so cool.
5.Elder Hoybjerg and me.

Oh by the way, I went on an intercambio this past week to a sector called Las Vegas. Elder Davis served there. The mamita knew him and said that she loved him. Oh, and if you could please try to find the address of Elder Cayden Brown's mission that would be great. Love you

May 7, 2012

Holas Familia y Amigos

Como estaís vosotros? First and foremost, I will call you all at 6 pm your time, for sure this time, the 13th of May, Sunday. It has been another week here in the wonderful place of Rahue. All is well here and there is nothing to complain about. Sounds like everything is just rolling right into summer for you while everything here is rolling right into a cold wet winter. It still hasn't got that bad yet. It sounds like life is pretty good for Mother right now down in warm Cali with all the ward ladies. They are going to have a blast down there and I sure hope that Mom hears the words, "TYE BROWN come on.................UP"! It has always been Mom's dream. It cracks me up to think that Mom will finally be there. So I have a question, Mom said that you guys are going to be putting a lot of money into the truck. Does that mean that you couldn't get rid of it Dad because we have too many memories in it? Haha, I was just a little curious about what was happining there. That is pretty cool that Mom talked to Coach Tanner and to Travis. It doesn't feel like that long ago when I was there seeing all these guys. I'm glad to hear that Lacee is finally back home for good for at least a little bit. I can't believe that school already finished up. That means Caiden is going to be entering Timp High next year, que raro! That is so wierd. That's pretty cool to hear about Terence working out with the Dolphins. I can just imagine him just like a big NFL offensive line men with a huge beard ha. It sounds like everyone in the house right now is a little bit worn down with infirmities, with everyone going to the doctor ha. 

To answer some of the questions that I remember: Yes Mother, I am still healthy and well. I love the shaver and it is working great. The package just looked a little beat up, that's all. It didn't looked tampered with though. Elder Nelson has just a few months left here on the mission, like 3 transfers left. I am liking Elder Hoybjerg, we are learning a lot together since we are both new. It's pretty cool to realize that I can actually understand people in another language and just talk to everyone. I really like it. I can't remember any other questions. No, I still haven't bought a sleeping bag because I still haven't got too cold at night. 

Now for a little bit on the week: The first part of the week got a little tuff, everything was falling on us and we weren't sure why. We decided that there had to be something that we could do better at so that we would be more blessed with help from the Lord. Wednesday night we talked about it and realized that what we needed to do was be more obedient. We realized we were getting a little lazy about the small things and that we could do better. We decided right there to be exactly obedient and the next day, WOW. What a difference. We felt guided by the spirit. Lots of things went very well and the week took a 180 for the best. It was sweet. We ended up finiding 17 potential new investigators, meaning we taught them one time. It was sweet. I know that just like it says in Mosiah 2:22 that when we obey God immediately blesses us. From one day to the next it was totally different, because we decided to obey. Obedience is key to blessing. It's one way or the other - obedience and blessings, or disobedience and discipline from God. That easy - we just have to make the choice. Other than that story the week was really good. Saturday we went to the Campo (country) to do service for some guys that owned a ranch. It was sweet. I love country life. We dug a path that they are going to put cement in. I tore up my hands going at it with the shovel. I haven't used my hands to work in a while. We even road in to the ranch in a tractor. It was sweet. Today for p-day we also went to the campo and hung out at the Mom's of the momitas house in the campo and made pizza. It was fun.

Well, that's about all I got fam. I love you guys. Know that the most important thing that we can all work for is to be under the influence of the Spirit always. That's all I want to accomplish because if we can do this we will never sin. We will always do what the Lord wants of us. We can become instruments in His hands. The Spirit is boss. I love you all
Con mucho Amor,
Elder Oso Brown, ha

Sorry Lacee Brit and Caiden, I don't have enough time to write you, but keep writing me. I love you all.
Amorosa Familia y Amigos,
What a good week this last one was; full of little miracles and good experiences. First off, to get the real big important news out of the way: Happy 7th anniversary Britt and Wade! You guys are getting kind of old together haha jk. I love you both. Second really important news: Yes Mom, I will be skyping you all for Mothers day. It will be the 13th of May, Sunday, and I will be calling at 5 pm your time hopefully from the same account as before. The problem is I don't remember any of the info on my skype, oops. I don't know if it says any info on your skype Dad. I will try to figure it out.
Ok Mother moo, now for some of your questions. Yes, I keep my room pretty clean and I make my bed. I will send a pic, haha. We don't have time to clean during the week but on P days we always do a little cleaning before we leave the house to do our other stuff. Yes, we walk lots everyday, and yes, I have lost lots of weight. I don't like it. I weigh like 205 right now. My legs are like little tooth picks from walking so much. My favorite thing to eat right now, hm, that's a tuff one. I just eat everything. I will always love my sopiepilla. They are like scones but they eat them with so many different things. Oh, and yes today I got my package. I love everything!! Thanks so much for everything. 
Mother, I can't believe that you are making one of your life long dreams come true by going to price is right. You sure do deserve it. I am sure that the Moms of the stripling warriors got together sometimes and threw girl parties and stuff like that. Ha that's what I think about when I think about all the ladies in our ward and my mother. I think of the Moms of the stripling warriors. Alma 56:48, that's what us missionaries say about you awesome Moms. That's so cool that you got to hear Chad Lewis speak Mother. 
Now for a little bit on the week. One miracle that happened is one day we were up in our sector working earlier in the day and 12 in the afternoon. We were just knocking some doors. Then I saw this little road that came to a dead end that I had never seen before. We decided to knock all the houses on it. We got a few rejections .and then on the last house of the street in the back corner we knocked it and a young man of 19 years opened the door. We started to get to know him and he let us into his house. We ended up teaching the whole Restoration of the Gospel and it was just so peaceful and you could just feel the Spirit testifying of the truth. We challenged him to be baptized that very first day, to be baptized on the 26th of May!! It was a miracle. The Lord really does prepare people for the missionaries. It' s just our job to put the shoulder to the wheel and find those people, even if it takes getting rejected a few hundred times. The mission is just the very best. I read my patriachal blessing today and I know that what it says about my mission is true. It says that I will have the chance to bare my testimony in many places and situations. If I keep strong and keep learning it says my testimony will bless people that I meet and help them. I know that if we put in our effort that the Lord blessed us with, power that is not our own and which is way beyond what we can do. I love it here. I would never choose to be anywhere else. I love preaching the Gospel to the nations!!!!! 
Well family, I better finish things up. Oh yeah, I didn't know if you all knew, but Elder Nelson from Timp is my AP right now. I talked to him for awhile today about a bunch of people that we knew it was funny. His little brother got his call to Jamaica (nudge nudge caiden). Well, I love you all very very much. Les amo muchísimo. 
Con Amor,
Elder Oso Brown
That is so cool that you are in the young womens now. Everyone is going to love you. I think you are exactly right that when we are not in situations to stretch ourselves it's harder to grow. We just always need to find ways to stretch ourselves. We can always go further. That's what makes life so fun, The progress that we can make. I love you sis. Tell those boys I love them.
Elder Brown
Oh am I glad to hear from you sis. Let's hear about the future husband situation. What's up with boys right now. There are Elders here that would love to come home and marry you. Even though they are all younger than you. I am sorry you are feeling sick. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with finals. I know you can do it, with a little help from the Lord. Keep going strong.
Elder Brown
Everyone who writes me letters, thank you so much. I am trying to write back, it takes awhile. Oh, and sorry about my English, I only speak Spanglish now. 
Stewart Family,
My second family. Thanks for the letter, I sure love your whole family. I am so glad for so many great memories with you all inside your house and on family trips. Thanks for remembering me and writing me. I hope all is well with you all and with Elder Jord.
Elder Brown
1. Baptism of Luis
2. Farewell of Gert he is gone to England
3. My room and bed