Amorosa Familia y Amigos,
What a good week this last one was; full of little miracles and good experiences. First off, to get the real big important news out of the way: Happy 7th anniversary Britt and Wade! You guys are getting kind of old together haha jk. I love you both. Second really important news: Yes Mom, I will be skyping you all for Mothers day. It will be the 13th of May, Sunday, and I will be calling at 5 pm your time hopefully from the same account as before. The problem is I don't remember any of the info on my skype, oops. I don't know if it says any info on your skype Dad. I will try to figure it out.
Ok Mother moo, now for some of your questions. Yes, I keep my room pretty clean and I make my bed. I will send a pic, haha. We don't have time to clean during the week but on P days we always do a little cleaning before we leave the house to do our other stuff. Yes, we walk lots everyday, and yes, I have lost lots of weight. I don't like it. I weigh like 205 right now. My legs are like little tooth picks from walking so much. My favorite thing to eat right now, hm, that's a tuff one. I just eat everything. I will always love my sopiepilla. They are like scones but they eat them with so many different things. Oh, and yes today I got my package. I love everything!! Thanks so much for everything. 
Mother, I can't believe that you are making one of your life long dreams come true by going to price is right. You sure do deserve it. I am sure that the Moms of the stripling warriors got together sometimes and threw girl parties and stuff like that. Ha that's what I think about when I think about all the ladies in our ward and my mother. I think of the Moms of the stripling warriors. Alma 56:48, that's what us missionaries say about you awesome Moms. That's so cool that you got to hear Chad Lewis speak Mother. 
Now for a little bit on the week. One miracle that happened is one day we were up in our sector working earlier in the day and 12 in the afternoon. We were just knocking some doors. Then I saw this little road that came to a dead end that I had never seen before. We decided to knock all the houses on it. We got a few rejections .and then on the last house of the street in the back corner we knocked it and a young man of 19 years opened the door. We started to get to know him and he let us into his house. We ended up teaching the whole Restoration of the Gospel and it was just so peaceful and you could just feel the Spirit testifying of the truth. We challenged him to be baptized that very first day, to be baptized on the 26th of May!! It was a miracle. The Lord really does prepare people for the missionaries. It' s just our job to put the shoulder to the wheel and find those people, even if it takes getting rejected a few hundred times. The mission is just the very best. I read my patriachal blessing today and I know that what it says about my mission is true. It says that I will have the chance to bare my testimony in many places and situations. If I keep strong and keep learning it says my testimony will bless people that I meet and help them. I know that if we put in our effort that the Lord blessed us with, power that is not our own and which is way beyond what we can do. I love it here. I would never choose to be anywhere else. I love preaching the Gospel to the nations!!!!! 
Well family, I better finish things up. Oh yeah, I didn't know if you all knew, but Elder Nelson from Timp is my AP right now. I talked to him for awhile today about a bunch of people that we knew it was funny. His little brother got his call to Jamaica (nudge nudge caiden). Well, I love you all very very much. Les amo much√≠simo. 
Con Amor,
Elder Oso Brown
That is so cool that you are in the young womens now. Everyone is going to love you. I think you are exactly right that when we are not in situations to stretch ourselves it's harder to grow. We just always need to find ways to stretch ourselves. We can always go further. That's what makes life so fun, The progress that we can make. I love you sis. Tell those boys I love them.
Elder Brown
Oh am I glad to hear from you sis. Let's hear about the future husband situation. What's up with boys right now. There are Elders here that would love to come home and marry you. Even though they are all younger than you. I am sorry you are feeling sick. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with finals. I know you can do it, with a little help from the Lord. Keep going strong.
Elder Brown
Everyone who writes me letters, thank you so much. I am trying to write back, it takes awhile. Oh, and sorry about my English, I only speak Spanglish now. 
Stewart Family,
My second family. Thanks for the letter, I sure love your whole family. I am so glad for so many great memories with you all inside your house and on family trips. Thanks for remembering me and writing me. I hope all is well with you all and with Elder Jord.
Elder Brown
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2. Farewell of Gert he is gone to England
3. My room and bed

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