May 28, 2012

Familia y Amigos,

Well, this Wednesday I head out to my new sector and I will be going to.............. Calle Calle!!!! I am not sure exactly where it is but I know it's close to Valdivia and that it rains a lot. My companion's name is Elder Contreras from Chile, my first Latin companion. I am excited to get out there and get to work. I have heard a lot of stories, good and bad. I am just going out there and I am going to work my very hardest and pray even harder ha. Funny thing about this sector is that Elder Purser, my trainer, went there right after he left me and now that he has left there I am going there. I am just following my "Dad" of the mission every where he goes. Other good news is that I will be in the same zone once again with Elder Anderson!!! I am excited about that. That's all the news for today. Oh, and that Elder Coria is going to be AP with Elder Nelson, cool huh? 

Well, a little bit about my last week here in Rahue. It is getting a little hard to say bye to all the people I love so much. I really do love all these people so so so so much. I have already almost cried twice saying bye to people and begging them to stay faithful to the end. So, that is like it says in D & C 130:2, that I can see them again after this life. Oh man, I love the people here. These last two days here are going to be a little tuff, especially saying goodbye to little Carolina, that I sent a picture of last week and all her family, because they are finally getting married and the mom is getting baptized on the 16th. I have worked with them since I got here. They are my family here. I love them. It will be a little hard but I will do it ha. 

I am so glad to hear that you all are having a great time down there in the wonderful place of Grandpa's world. I was showing those pics to my companion and telling him, "now there is the best place ever". Send everyone love from me. I sure do love every single one of them. Now for one thing I learned this week is found in D&C 15:6. The Whitmers ask what is the most important thing and the Lord answers, The thing of the most worth is to call repentance unto all so that we can bring a few souls unto him and live with them after this life in the presence of God. That hit me so hard. It really is the most important thing. All I want for the people here in Rahue is to repent and live the Gospel so we can see each other after this life. I am going to do my best to repent so I can go to. There is nothing that brings more happiness than that; to bring people to Christ. I have never been more happy than when I am doing that. That's all I want to do. That's the attitude I will take on as I go to any new area. I am going to help others repent so we can both together be in the presence of God after this life.

Well family, I love you all so very much. Don't worry about me but do pray for me that I can know how to be the best Elder I can be and how I can help everyone I come in contact with come closer to Christ as I try to do the same. Oh, and I am thinking I am going to want more garments soon, but I got to make sure I know what size I want, and decide if you sending them is the best idea. I love you all. The church is true and the book is blue.............. go cougers and now Miami Dolphins.
Elder Brown "Osito" (I think this translates to Teddy Bear)

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