May 7, 2012

Holas Familia y Amigos

Como estaís vosotros? First and foremost, I will call you all at 6 pm your time, for sure this time, the 13th of May, Sunday. It has been another week here in the wonderful place of Rahue. All is well here and there is nothing to complain about. Sounds like everything is just rolling right into summer for you while everything here is rolling right into a cold wet winter. It still hasn't got that bad yet. It sounds like life is pretty good for Mother right now down in warm Cali with all the ward ladies. They are going to have a blast down there and I sure hope that Mom hears the words, "TYE BROWN come on.................UP"! It has always been Mom's dream. It cracks me up to think that Mom will finally be there. So I have a question, Mom said that you guys are going to be putting a lot of money into the truck. Does that mean that you couldn't get rid of it Dad because we have too many memories in it? Haha, I was just a little curious about what was happining there. That is pretty cool that Mom talked to Coach Tanner and to Travis. It doesn't feel like that long ago when I was there seeing all these guys. I'm glad to hear that Lacee is finally back home for good for at least a little bit. I can't believe that school already finished up. That means Caiden is going to be entering Timp High next year, que raro! That is so wierd. That's pretty cool to hear about Terence working out with the Dolphins. I can just imagine him just like a big NFL offensive line men with a huge beard ha. It sounds like everyone in the house right now is a little bit worn down with infirmities, with everyone going to the doctor ha. 

To answer some of the questions that I remember: Yes Mother, I am still healthy and well. I love the shaver and it is working great. The package just looked a little beat up, that's all. It didn't looked tampered with though. Elder Nelson has just a few months left here on the mission, like 3 transfers left. I am liking Elder Hoybjerg, we are learning a lot together since we are both new. It's pretty cool to realize that I can actually understand people in another language and just talk to everyone. I really like it. I can't remember any other questions. No, I still haven't bought a sleeping bag because I still haven't got too cold at night. 

Now for a little bit on the week: The first part of the week got a little tuff, everything was falling on us and we weren't sure why. We decided that there had to be something that we could do better at so that we would be more blessed with help from the Lord. Wednesday night we talked about it and realized that what we needed to do was be more obedient. We realized we were getting a little lazy about the small things and that we could do better. We decided right there to be exactly obedient and the next day, WOW. What a difference. We felt guided by the spirit. Lots of things went very well and the week took a 180 for the best. It was sweet. We ended up finiding 17 potential new investigators, meaning we taught them one time. It was sweet. I know that just like it says in Mosiah 2:22 that when we obey God immediately blesses us. From one day to the next it was totally different, because we decided to obey. Obedience is key to blessing. It's one way or the other - obedience and blessings, or disobedience and discipline from God. That easy - we just have to make the choice. Other than that story the week was really good. Saturday we went to the Campo (country) to do service for some guys that owned a ranch. It was sweet. I love country life. We dug a path that they are going to put cement in. I tore up my hands going at it with the shovel. I haven't used my hands to work in a while. We even road in to the ranch in a tractor. It was sweet. Today for p-day we also went to the campo and hung out at the Mom's of the momitas house in the campo and made pizza. It was fun.

Well, that's about all I got fam. I love you guys. Know that the most important thing that we can all work for is to be under the influence of the Spirit always. That's all I want to accomplish because if we can do this we will never sin. We will always do what the Lord wants of us. We can become instruments in His hands. The Spirit is boss. I love you all
Con mucho Amor,
Elder Oso Brown, ha

Sorry Lacee Brit and Caiden, I don't have enough time to write you, but keep writing me. I love you all.

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