November 30, 2011

Hola familia y amigos,
   Sorry Mom and Dad for not writing one to you guys as well, but I don´t have enough time its so hard to write everything i want in 30 minutes. I hope i can answer most your questions. I don´t know why they don´t let you send packages here but they just don´t. Sorry mother. I am not too busy with Zone leader stuff, just little things here and there. The store isn´t a Walmart but it is just like it. Its great we usually just grab a treat there. Today after the temple we went to a little store that a member has and i bought a tie with a llama on it. Its pretty sweet. The latinos love to see me on the bus here because i have to bend over to fit in them. Im lovin it here in Peru and the Spanish is coming one little step at a time. I feel fine teaching lessons but just normal talking is a lot harder. Everything with my comps is going great. I am just working as hard as i can and trying to make every day count like Lacee said. I cannot believe she gets home in 2 weeks that crazy. Sorry for all the spelling errors i am trying to hurry. Dad the person who added you on facebook is one of my teachers, hermana Voza. She is like our mom. She does everything for us. She is so nice, ha, she has sewed up like 5 elders pants for them so far. I don´t really need anything at all. They give us everything we need right here in the CCM. I am pretty sad that i missed Kanab. I sure do love that place. Good luck to Josh as he enters the MTC today. I know he will do so awesome and i am way excited for him. I am glad everything is going well with you guys. I sure love you all. So i am going to share one thing that i learned this week. THE BOOK OF MORMON rules! Best book ever. Read it everyday. It is full of power. We have a goal to read it in 19 days and i am headed to finish early. I love it. I read 60 pages 2 days ago. It's amazing. When it talks about the stripling warriors it says that they did obey every command that they were given because of the things there mother taught them. I feel the same way. I am who i am because of my mother. You have taught me so much Mom and i am so thankful for all you have and do do for me. I love you so much. Second to Caiden, read the Book of Mormon everyday and you will be prepared for your mission. I love you bud, and i hope to hear from you soon. Thank you to everyone for all your support. I love you all. la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos diaz is la unigue manera. Este es la verdad.
Con muucho amor,
Elder Brown

November 23, 2011

Hola familia y amigos,
   I cannot believe that you have snow there. It's just weird because here it is hot and humid and it doesn´t seem like that time of year. So first off, I love the Peru CCM. It is awesome. The food is great. The other day one of the natives from Peru told us we were eating carne de borro or donkey meat, haha! I don´t believe it, but it was good so, whatever haha. We never did find out for sure. Lots and lots of rice though. Its really good because I am used to that. We have an hour of gym each day and they have a legit soccer field here. It's turf and it's pretty darn awesome. So usually we play futball but I just talked to the president the other day and he says I should teach the natives to play American football, haha. Two hand touch of course, but I think we are going to do that soon.
   Most of the natives have never seen bigger people before, so they think I am huge. They call me gigante and stuff. Its pretty funny, but every time they see me they put their hands out all wide and are like como estas grande Elder Brown and stuff like that. It's funny. I like it here because there is only like 130 Elders and so we know most of the people. It's sweet. Elder Vasques in my district calls me the incredible hullllg because he can´t say the k sound. It is the funniest thing to hear haha.
   Well now for some news. I was made Zone leader last week, and so I have been busy with that. I like it though because then I get to know everyone so that's sweet. What else, what else, oh ya for p day today we got to go out to the temple and that was so awesome. It was all in Spanish so that was cool. I did get headphones for translation though. I used them about half the time haha. The temple is really really small but way cool. After we had a little bit of time to walk around and go in some stores. That was way fun. The buses here are nuts. I don´t fit in them, haha. I have to bend over when in them ha.
   Everything is going really good here. How they do things is we have two districts one of the Latinos and one for the gringos. We split off for class but for everything else we are with our native companions. Its sweet. We can communicate alright with the natives. It's kinda hard but getting better. I would tell you more but I am running out of time. I haven´t got any letters yet but its all good. I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything. Be safe. The Church is true.
Elder Brown

November 17, 2-11

Hola mi Familia,
  How is it going back in America? I cannot believe I am not there anymore, ha I don't know if it has fully hit me yet. It is humid here so I am always sweating. The food here is alright. I have only had two meals so far though so I can't say much. They don't like you to leave any food on your plate though so you have to make sure you eat it all, haha. Its different here and I just have to get used to it. 
   I have a native comp. and an American comp. When I am in class I'm with the American and if I am at lunch I am with the native. Their names are Elder Diez and Elder Jobs. Elder Cowley, Gardner, and Larsen are still in my district so that's good. I am not used to change, so I have to get used to that. 
  Everything is good here. We got here super late, at about 2 in the morning. Sorry I didn't call you one last time. We didn't have enough time to call. I gave my Spanish Book of Mormon away on the plane. I wasn't going to unless she showed a real desire to read, and she promised me she would, so I gave it to her. They will replace mine here. I got her information so we could get the missionaries over to her. It was a sweet experience. Good thing she spoke pretty good English haha. I talked to her about so much stuff, but we mainly focused on prayers and how God will answer your prayers and questions. She thought it was so cool and she thought the Book of Mormon was really awesome. She said just by reading the introduction she found some answers to things she had.
  Well that's all the news I really have for you right now. Everything is nice here. Its a really nice place. My p- day is on Wednesdays. Oh and don't send packages while I am in here. Thank you so much for your support. It was so good to hear your voices. I love you so so so much and am thankful for all you do.
Elder Brown
Sorry this was so short i am so tired ha going to go take a nap because they want us to today.

November 9, 2011

Hola Familia y amigos,
Sorry Mom and Dad that I can't send you guys your own email, but I don't have time in here to get everything I want written to you. First off, thank you so very much for the friendship cookies. It was so funny, I was telling my teacher Hermano Herman about how I always made my friendship cookies and brought them to friends. Then that afternoon I got a package full of them, haha it was so funny. Thank you for sending my watch so fast. You are the very best. 
That package from Vicky was awesome. I'm so blessed to have such awesome familia. So I have a week left here in the Provo MTC, my last week in America. It feels wonderful. I can't wait. We don't need Visas to go to Peru. I feel bad because there are a few kids in our zone that are going to Peru on their missions, but they haven't got their Visas yet, and so I feel bad that we are leaving before them. Some of the kids in our zone got their visas this week and when they heard their names get called you should have heard the shouts of happiness. It was so funny. I thought we were in a sisters residence for a second. Our zone is the best in the MTC. 
So yes I got our travel plans. I am so excited. We will be arriving at the SLC airport at 6:00, and I'm thinking the best time to call is while we are in Salt Lake. So I'm thinking about 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning. Sorry it's so early and that doesn't work too well with Dad going to work, but that works best for me. I haven't used any of my personal money. The MTC pays us six bucks a week, so you could say I'm making bank, ha! They just put it on this card we have here. It is awesome. I hope suitcases work. I am mostly just worried about the wait so I will probably be sending some things home.
So more about the MTC. I email so early because we email while our clothes are being washed, and if we don't get to the washer room at six, we don't get a washer. So we are always like the first people here. We do everything as a district because we love each other, haha. Its the best. We have an awesome district. I sleep good sometimes and I sleep bad sometimes. It just depends on the night, but somehow I make it through the day fine. Those little nephews of mine, I swear just get cuter and cuter, I love them so very much and miss them a lot, santo vaca. I love those pictures though. I am sure Caiden dominated his tryouts and I am sure he will do awesome. I was just telling some of the guys in my district how good he is already. 
Cayden hasn't written me yet and I really want to hear this news that he has for me. So Cayden if your're reading this, write me!! I got a letter from Jenna this week and that was great. That's about all I have gotten in the mail besides packages. I did hear about Chase and Maryn, and I love them both so much. I hope everything is good there. Sorry about the Golds Gym thing. I really don't like that place for that reason. Sorry again. I hope I didn't miss anything or leave anything out. Thanks again for being so great to me. As always everything is great in here, and I am learning a ton, really digging into the scriptures more then I ever have before. Love you tons!

The Church is true!!!! I know it. Christ is our Savior. I have felt his atoning power on more than one occasion. It is the only way for us to return to him and it brings so much joy. Love you tons.

Elder Brown

November 2, 2011

Hello Mother and Father and everyone else. I only have ten minutes to write this letter so I will try to get everything in, and if I can't I will write you a little letter too. I am so bummed about those pictures. There were so many good ones on there. None of the friends I took pictures with are here anymore, so I can't get them from them. The only other way to send pics is to print them out. I am so sad I lost those pics. I am trying to get more now.
Thank you so much for the packages, oh my goodness our room is loaded! I loved those sugar cookies. They were awesome. I still have some. The Drapers were very nice to send a box too. Yeah, I am bummed about that watch, hopefully that all works out. It was pretty cool to talk to Sister Clark and know that she was going to go right over to the house afterward and see you guys.
So the people that are all going to Peru are me, Elder Cowley, Elder Gardner, and Elder Larsen. It is going to be awesome. I love them all so much and we are already super close. Everything is going super awesome in here. The Spirit is amazing in here. I can't get enough. Personal study is one of my favorites. I just learn so much and I don't want to stop. Teaching is going really good. We teach all in Spanish and it is pretty awesome. We have had some darn good speakers come. One guy, his name was Swenson. He was so intense and so good, kinda like Elder Holland, SWEET!!! Then yesterday Elder Zwick of the 70, he dominated, it was awesome.
I think I want to do the back pack. A native from Chile says it rains down there constantly, so I think I want to do the back pack. I will probably send some things home when the time comes. I just think that back pack will keep things that much more dry.
Well I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything!
Elder Brown

October 26, 2011

Hola familia come le va,

So first thing is first, I have like no time to write you so I hope I can answer as many questions as possible for you. I am just sitting in the laundry room right now and laundry is great. I actually like doing it. Everything is awesome here. P days are a little structered but usually we do what we need to, like do laundry, and write, and then we go to the temple. This lady I don't know has been sending me temple names for me and my district to do. So we have been doing those.

We are in the class a lot on normal days. We are usually there for 8 hours during the day, ha, but I don't mind because I am learning a ton. I love gym time. We have been out to the field to play soccer like twice to practice up for Peru, because I guess that's pretty much all they do all day ha. I will be able to beat Caiden when I get home ha! I have only lifted a few times and it's alright. It's nothing like what I used to do, but thats ok. I do a lot of push ups and pull ups. I have gained like 5 pounds from the food, haha. I am going to get so fat. I eat a ton ha. I don't know why I'm hungry because we are usually just sitting around studying.

The language is going pretty good. We have been teaching our teachers as investigators since we got here so we are getting better and better. Hermano Herman is one of our teachers. He lives in Orem kinda where Brittany used to live and he graduated the same year as Lacee and Brady. He graduated from Orem so he knows Brady. I thought that was pretty funny. Right now he is being an investigator that is Catholic and is good with that, so it is super hard to teach him and even get in the door but we are getting better. There is just so much I want to say to him but I can't say it in Spanish. It's tuff sometimes, but I am learning a ton and feeling the spirit all the time.

I won't have time to write Lacee back, so will you just send this to he.r I love her so much and I am so grateful for her example. Thank you so much for all the food and packages. My district loves you and I do to. Oh and also Hermano Torres, my other teacher, he loved the Banana Oatmeal cookies ha. Sister Howard sent two dozen donuts and boy was everyone loving that. She is awesome, and I am going to write her a good note.

I'm trying to think of other questions you asked me. My departure date I'm pretty sure you can just put as 12 12 because that's what it says on my address, even though Im actually leaving the 15th of November. I'm pretty excited for that. It's a little scary since I will have no clue what's going on because everything will be in Spanish. We will learn Spanish so much faster though so I'm stoked. Well I am running out of time so I will just write you a little note and send my picture card home with it. Sorry if I didn't answer all your questions and sorry for all the bad spelling. I am trying to hurry. Tell everyone I love them so much, for sure those two little nephews I love them so much. 

Yo se que Dios ama todos de nos, yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro el salvador. Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es verdadero. 

I love you guys so much I will be sending a letter home today as well. Don't show my spanish to Sister Burdett haha.

Elder Brown

October 19, 2011

Hello My Family, 

So first with all your questions. No I did not get the bottom bunk because we ended up switching beds with another companionship and so the top bunk was all that was left. I have heard from a few people since I got into the MTC. I have heard from Maryn Chase and Jenna as well as some lady I don't know who wanted me to do some names at the temple with my district. Yes, I have seen Elder Berlin a few times and it was awesome. My companion is awesome. He is really laid back but also a very harder worker, so it is perfect. He is an awesome guy. I totally love my district, probably one of the best in the MTC. The language is awesome. I can already say small prayers and bear my testimony in Espanol. It's funny, I have been focusing so much on Spanish that that's pretty much all I think about and I think a lot in Espanol. I love it here. I love the busy schedule it keeps us going all day and then the day goes by faster.

I have some super big news for you guys. It's good news for me and maybe a little bit of bad news for mom. So a couple days ago we were told that the four of us in my district that are going to Osorno were going to have a meeting with the International PRESIDENT OF MTC'S. So pretty much all day we were wondering what it was going to be about. So the meeting was scheduled for 9 in the morning yesterday, but then it got canceled because we had to do a fire drill and the whole MTC had to evacuate. It was just a drill. So then it got rescheduled for 1:45. We were so anxious to find out what was going on. So we meet in this room and there are about 8 other missionaries in there, all going to a mission in Chile. The president was in there and he is just asking us why we think we are there for like 10 minutes. We were all about to die! Then he tells us that on November 15 we will be transferring to the Lima Peru MTC. Crazy huh? They are trying a new phase training thing and also because this MTC is too full. So I won't be able to see Josh or Tanner come into the MTC, but I will be immersed in the Espanol, and I will learn it so much faster. A kid that I know from UVU track is coming with us too. So sorry mom, I will only be in this MTC for 3 more weeks then I'm off to South America. I'm super excited.

So here in the MTC we have devotionals on Tuesdays and Sundays. It is with all the missionaries in the MTC which is about 2600 right now. Apostles are known to come every once and awhile so we were so excited. But everyone was telling us it wasn't an apostle this week, but then one day at lunch the MTC president came and sat by us and told to make sure we went to the Devo early. So we did and guess who we saw, sitting in great seats.... Richard G Scott!!! It was awesome. You could just feel his love and testimony for the Gospel and the spirit was super strong. I loved it. I have taught an investigator in Spanish three times now so that was cool. Well that's really all I have for you today. I better go unload my laundry. I will bear mi short testimonio en espanol though. Yo se que dios es nos padre celestial. Yo se que Jesucristo es nos el salvador. Yo se que el libro de mormon es muy verdadero. Yo se que dios es amoroso en el nombre de Jesuchristo Amen. It could be longer but I have no time.  

Thats to bad about your football game but at least you got to play and I know you got way better. Good luck with school and everything and basketball. I love you buddy.

Thank you so much for the cake balls they were so good and my district was in love with them. Thank you so much and I love you.

P.S. Thank you mom so much for the package. I loved the Arizona and candy and also thank you for the shirts. I wear the short sleeves a lot because we have to wear our suits everyday in here. So I got hot and the short sleeves help. Love you! Sorry it wasn't longer. I will get better.

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