November 23, 2011

Hola familia y amigos,
   I cannot believe that you have snow there. It's just weird because here it is hot and humid and it doesn´t seem like that time of year. So first off, I love the Peru CCM. It is awesome. The food is great. The other day one of the natives from Peru told us we were eating carne de borro or donkey meat, haha! I don´t believe it, but it was good so, whatever haha. We never did find out for sure. Lots and lots of rice though. Its really good because I am used to that. We have an hour of gym each day and they have a legit soccer field here. It's turf and it's pretty darn awesome. So usually we play futball but I just talked to the president the other day and he says I should teach the natives to play American football, haha. Two hand touch of course, but I think we are going to do that soon.
   Most of the natives have never seen bigger people before, so they think I am huge. They call me gigante and stuff. Its pretty funny, but every time they see me they put their hands out all wide and are like como estas grande Elder Brown and stuff like that. It's funny. I like it here because there is only like 130 Elders and so we know most of the people. It's sweet. Elder Vasques in my district calls me the incredible hullllg because he can´t say the k sound. It is the funniest thing to hear haha.
   Well now for some news. I was made Zone leader last week, and so I have been busy with that. I like it though because then I get to know everyone so that's sweet. What else, what else, oh ya for p day today we got to go out to the temple and that was so awesome. It was all in Spanish so that was cool. I did get headphones for translation though. I used them about half the time haha. The temple is really really small but way cool. After we had a little bit of time to walk around and go in some stores. That was way fun. The buses here are nuts. I don´t fit in them, haha. I have to bend over when in them ha.
   Everything is going really good here. How they do things is we have two districts one of the Latinos and one for the gringos. We split off for class but for everything else we are with our native companions. Its sweet. We can communicate alright with the natives. It's kinda hard but getting better. I would tell you more but I am running out of time. I haven´t got any letters yet but its all good. I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything. Be safe. The Church is true.
Elder Brown

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