November 9, 2011

Hola Familia y amigos,
Sorry Mom and Dad that I can't send you guys your own email, but I don't have time in here to get everything I want written to you. First off, thank you so very much for the friendship cookies. It was so funny, I was telling my teacher Hermano Herman about how I always made my friendship cookies and brought them to friends. Then that afternoon I got a package full of them, haha it was so funny. Thank you for sending my watch so fast. You are the very best. 
That package from Vicky was awesome. I'm so blessed to have such awesome familia. So I have a week left here in the Provo MTC, my last week in America. It feels wonderful. I can't wait. We don't need Visas to go to Peru. I feel bad because there are a few kids in our zone that are going to Peru on their missions, but they haven't got their Visas yet, and so I feel bad that we are leaving before them. Some of the kids in our zone got their visas this week and when they heard their names get called you should have heard the shouts of happiness. It was so funny. I thought we were in a sisters residence for a second. Our zone is the best in the MTC. 
So yes I got our travel plans. I am so excited. We will be arriving at the SLC airport at 6:00, and I'm thinking the best time to call is while we are in Salt Lake. So I'm thinking about 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning. Sorry it's so early and that doesn't work too well with Dad going to work, but that works best for me. I haven't used any of my personal money. The MTC pays us six bucks a week, so you could say I'm making bank, ha! They just put it on this card we have here. It is awesome. I hope suitcases work. I am mostly just worried about the wait so I will probably be sending some things home.
So more about the MTC. I email so early because we email while our clothes are being washed, and if we don't get to the washer room at six, we don't get a washer. So we are always like the first people here. We do everything as a district because we love each other, haha. Its the best. We have an awesome district. I sleep good sometimes and I sleep bad sometimes. It just depends on the night, but somehow I make it through the day fine. Those little nephews of mine, I swear just get cuter and cuter, I love them so very much and miss them a lot, santo vaca. I love those pictures though. I am sure Caiden dominated his tryouts and I am sure he will do awesome. I was just telling some of the guys in my district how good he is already. 
Cayden hasn't written me yet and I really want to hear this news that he has for me. So Cayden if your're reading this, write me!! I got a letter from Jenna this week and that was great. That's about all I have gotten in the mail besides packages. I did hear about Chase and Maryn, and I love them both so much. I hope everything is good there. Sorry about the Golds Gym thing. I really don't like that place for that reason. Sorry again. I hope I didn't miss anything or leave anything out. Thanks again for being so great to me. As always everything is great in here, and I am learning a ton, really digging into the scriptures more then I ever have before. Love you tons!

The Church is true!!!! I know it. Christ is our Savior. I have felt his atoning power on more than one occasion. It is the only way for us to return to him and it brings so much joy. Love you tons.

Elder Brown

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