November 30, 2011

Hola familia y amigos,
   Sorry Mom and Dad for not writing one to you guys as well, but I don´t have enough time its so hard to write everything i want in 30 minutes. I hope i can answer most your questions. I don´t know why they don´t let you send packages here but they just don´t. Sorry mother. I am not too busy with Zone leader stuff, just little things here and there. The store isn´t a Walmart but it is just like it. Its great we usually just grab a treat there. Today after the temple we went to a little store that a member has and i bought a tie with a llama on it. Its pretty sweet. The latinos love to see me on the bus here because i have to bend over to fit in them. Im lovin it here in Peru and the Spanish is coming one little step at a time. I feel fine teaching lessons but just normal talking is a lot harder. Everything with my comps is going great. I am just working as hard as i can and trying to make every day count like Lacee said. I cannot believe she gets home in 2 weeks that crazy. Sorry for all the spelling errors i am trying to hurry. Dad the person who added you on facebook is one of my teachers, hermana Voza. She is like our mom. She does everything for us. She is so nice, ha, she has sewed up like 5 elders pants for them so far. I don´t really need anything at all. They give us everything we need right here in the CCM. I am pretty sad that i missed Kanab. I sure do love that place. Good luck to Josh as he enters the MTC today. I know he will do so awesome and i am way excited for him. I am glad everything is going well with you guys. I sure love you all. So i am going to share one thing that i learned this week. THE BOOK OF MORMON rules! Best book ever. Read it everyday. It is full of power. We have a goal to read it in 19 days and i am headed to finish early. I love it. I read 60 pages 2 days ago. It's amazing. When it talks about the stripling warriors it says that they did obey every command that they were given because of the things there mother taught them. I feel the same way. I am who i am because of my mother. You have taught me so much Mom and i am so thankful for all you have and do do for me. I love you so much. Second to Caiden, read the Book of Mormon everyday and you will be prepared for your mission. I love you bud, and i hope to hear from you soon. Thank you to everyone for all your support. I love you all. la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos diaz is la unigue manera. Este es la verdad.
Con muucho amor,
Elder Brown

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