November 2, 2011

Hello Mother and Father and everyone else. I only have ten minutes to write this letter so I will try to get everything in, and if I can't I will write you a little letter too. I am so bummed about those pictures. There were so many good ones on there. None of the friends I took pictures with are here anymore, so I can't get them from them. The only other way to send pics is to print them out. I am so sad I lost those pics. I am trying to get more now.
Thank you so much for the packages, oh my goodness our room is loaded! I loved those sugar cookies. They were awesome. I still have some. The Drapers were very nice to send a box too. Yeah, I am bummed about that watch, hopefully that all works out. It was pretty cool to talk to Sister Clark and know that she was going to go right over to the house afterward and see you guys.
So the people that are all going to Peru are me, Elder Cowley, Elder Gardner, and Elder Larsen. It is going to be awesome. I love them all so much and we are already super close. Everything is going super awesome in here. The Spirit is amazing in here. I can't get enough. Personal study is one of my favorites. I just learn so much and I don't want to stop. Teaching is going really good. We teach all in Spanish and it is pretty awesome. We have had some darn good speakers come. One guy, his name was Swenson. He was so intense and so good, kinda like Elder Holland, SWEET!!! Then yesterday Elder Zwick of the 70, he dominated, it was awesome.
I think I want to do the back pack. A native from Chile says it rains down there constantly, so I think I want to do the back pack. I will probably send some things home when the time comes. I just think that back pack will keep things that much more dry.
Well I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything!
Elder Brown

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