October 19, 2011

Hello My Family, 

So first with all your questions. No I did not get the bottom bunk because we ended up switching beds with another companionship and so the top bunk was all that was left. I have heard from a few people since I got into the MTC. I have heard from Maryn Chase and Jenna as well as some lady I don't know who wanted me to do some names at the temple with my district. Yes, I have seen Elder Berlin a few times and it was awesome. My companion is awesome. He is really laid back but also a very harder worker, so it is perfect. He is an awesome guy. I totally love my district, probably one of the best in the MTC. The language is awesome. I can already say small prayers and bear my testimony in Espanol. It's funny, I have been focusing so much on Spanish that that's pretty much all I think about and I think a lot in Espanol. I love it here. I love the busy schedule it keeps us going all day and then the day goes by faster.

I have some super big news for you guys. It's good news for me and maybe a little bit of bad news for mom. So a couple days ago we were told that the four of us in my district that are going to Osorno were going to have a meeting with the International PRESIDENT OF MTC'S. So pretty much all day we were wondering what it was going to be about. So the meeting was scheduled for 9 in the morning yesterday, but then it got canceled because we had to do a fire drill and the whole MTC had to evacuate. It was just a drill. So then it got rescheduled for 1:45. We were so anxious to find out what was going on. So we meet in this room and there are about 8 other missionaries in there, all going to a mission in Chile. The president was in there and he is just asking us why we think we are there for like 10 minutes. We were all about to die! Then he tells us that on November 15 we will be transferring to the Lima Peru MTC. Crazy huh? They are trying a new phase training thing and also because this MTC is too full. So I won't be able to see Josh or Tanner come into the MTC, but I will be immersed in the Espanol, and I will learn it so much faster. A kid that I know from UVU track is coming with us too. So sorry mom, I will only be in this MTC for 3 more weeks then I'm off to South America. I'm super excited.

So here in the MTC we have devotionals on Tuesdays and Sundays. It is with all the missionaries in the MTC which is about 2600 right now. Apostles are known to come every once and awhile so we were so excited. But everyone was telling us it wasn't an apostle this week, but then one day at lunch the MTC president came and sat by us and told to make sure we went to the Devo early. So we did and guess who we saw, sitting in great seats.... Richard G Scott!!! It was awesome. You could just feel his love and testimony for the Gospel and the spirit was super strong. I loved it. I have taught an investigator in Spanish three times now so that was cool. Well that's really all I have for you today. I better go unload my laundry. I will bear mi short testimonio en espanol though. Yo se que dios es nos padre celestial. Yo se que Jesucristo es nos el salvador. Yo se que el libro de mormon es muy verdadero. Yo se que dios es amoroso en el nombre de Jesuchristo Amen. It could be longer but I have no time.  

Thats to bad about your football game but at least you got to play and I know you got way better. Good luck with school and everything and basketball. I love you buddy.

Thank you so much for the cake balls they were so good and my district was in love with them. Thank you so much and I love you.

P.S. Thank you mom so much for the package. I loved the Arizona and candy and also thank you for the shirts. I wear the short sleeves a lot because we have to wear our suits everyday in here. So I got hot and the short sleeves help. Love you! Sorry it wasn't longer. I will get better.

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