August 17, 2013

Hola Familia y amigos,

First things first, Happy Birhtday POPS. I sure do love you Dad. There is no greater hero for me than my Dad. Every time I think about what kind of man I want to be and what I want to be when I grow up, hahahaha, I think about my Dad. There is nothing better than that. When ever there is an important date for some one I always have to write them a few sentences of thanks because there is no other way to show my thanks. My Pops has always been my great example. When I think of a humble servant of the Lord I think of my Dad, one who "lifts where he stands" (I will tell you more about what I learned about that phrase later in my letter.) My Dad is a great example of charity and patience as well, because having to deal with me growing up you have to have those attributes. I sure love you Dad and I am so thankful for all you have taught and continue to teach me in my life. I love you, happy birthday.

I am so glad to hear from you all. I thought for a minute that this morning when I checked and I didn´t have anything but an email from my faithful friend Rick, I thought that maybe my family had died from working so hard on the youth conference. I am so glad to hear that all went well. It sounds like it was a huge success, that the spirit was felt and that the food was good, two of my most favorite things, haha. I am so proud of my wonderful parents. I am sure it was one of the best youth conferences that those youth have ever seen.

Thanks Dad for the pics. I sure do love to see what everyone is looking like. If you have any pics of Brady´s wedding I would love to see him. I might not believe that he got married other wise. I met a kid here in the mission named Elder Palmer that just got here to the mission that swam for BYU and he said that the whole team was on top of Brady trying to get him married.

Just to clear things up: Elder Balbuena has not left me yet haha. Elder Anderson went home with a group of Elders that left a little bit before the transfer to get home to prepare for school. Elder Balbuena doesn´t leave till the 28th. Then, the next group is me and my buds in October. Mom, I am sure that my friend, the secretary of the mission, Elder Moreno, will send you more info when the time is right. Yes, you're right POPS, I can´t even imagine serving in another mission than this one. There is just too much I love about it. Dad, usually when we sleep in other places they have mattresses, but hey, a mission wouldn´t be a mission without sleeping on the floor a couple times, haha, if not all the time.

I can´t believe that tomorrow you will see Elder Anderson, and just a few days ago he was here with me. I already miss the guy and his great example that he always gave me. Tell him that I love him and remind him to give you what I gave to him for you all. As well, remind him that he can´t do anything cool without me haha he has to wait.

Well, a little about the week. It was a busy one with sending off Elder Anderson and crew and then the rest of the week we were here in the office doing........ NUMBERS. I never thought that I would be doing that on my mission. Hey, I will just "lift where I stand" though and do it with all my might. We were doing that because on Friday we had mission leader council where all the zone and hermana leaders come to the mission home and they first present their zones and then with Pres. we council over a few things like rules and working with members in the mission. We worked on a report of every zone in the mission that the Zone leaders report on in front of everyone. We also this week had the amazing chance to work with Pres. on the tranfers, which has been a super awesome experience for me of learning. I was amazed at how so much work, with the help and guidance of the Lord, can turn out so good. I thought that in some cases with some transfers one would feel a bit doubtful, but to walk in and on the wall see all the tranfers done in the office of Pres. and begin to council with Pres., I can honestly say that I knew that was where those missionaries needed to be. The Lord knows what he is doing and he works through Pres. Rappleye to do it, and I just feel blessed to see how it works and know that it is so true.

Well fam, that is about all I can think of this week. Oh yeah big news, haha, in the mission leader council together with Pres. and all the zone leaders they modified the rule of writing and now we are allowed to email other people as well as our families as long as it is to edify and support them. So that was pretty cool. I invite everyone to read the talk "Lift where you stand" by Elder Uchtdorf. I feel that every single missionary and future one needs to read it and apply it. I love it. I have learned that the Lord never looks at the positions that we hold, but how we serve him. He looks for the noble servant not the serving noble. Pres. Utchdorf told us to cease to aspire to callings or asignments and cease to retire from them as well. I sure love the Gospel. I am so grateful for the chance to be here and serve the Lord. I feel that my deepest desire is truly to edifiy his Kingdom and I hope he feels that he can rely of me to do it. I love you all.

Elder Brown

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