August 11, 2013

I am so sorry for not writing yesterday!!! It was a crazy one and we didn´t find a time to sit down and write. I hope that you all forgive me ha. I am glad to hear that all is well. Those pics from Mexico are so cool. They made Elder Balbuena really happy and maybe a little trunky since he only has about 2 weeks more until he goes home. I will be really sad to see this next group of Elders leave because first off my comp is heading out and he is so awesome, but also my buddy, Elder Anderson, who I know I will see right after, but it will be hard to not have him here in the mission with me. I love that guy and I sure hope that our friendship continues after the mission as well. I am so grateful to have him in the same mission as me because I was always hearing about how awesome he was doing and it always pushed me to try to be better. I would venture to say that Elder Anderson is one of the hardest working missionaries in this whole mission. I love him. As well, my two comps Elder Hoyjberg and Stanley are heading home along with a lot of other good friends. It's going to be hard to see them go. I got to see Elder Anderson last night there in Valdivia. I will tell you why I was there later.

Well Fam, it's always good to hear from you and to know that all is well. Mother, in this email you asked a lot of questions that are quite hard to answer, ha. I am not sure if I can do it, but I will try my hardest. First with one, my release date is....................... ohhhhhhhhhhh it hurts and I can´t believe it, but its the 9th of October. I still got a solid 2 months to work hard. The second question is a lot harder. What am I going to do after the mission about school??? That one I don´t think I have a sure answer yet. I am leaning towards the plan of going to UVU for one semester then transfering to BYU. I believe that I want to go to BYU. If my sweet parents could please look in to whether I can apply now for BYU or if I should wait till I get home. As well, I think it would be good to look into UVU. I don´t think that I need to reapply, or do I? I really don´t want to go there for very long. Maybe as well it would be good to look into whether I can reapply for the scholarship that I had it was a one year one, but I don´t know if I can reapply for it or not. I forgot all about that stuff. If you could help me that would be great and this week I will try to decide. Tell Rick I won´t be leaving far away, I just couldn´t.

Well, it was another fun week full of all kinds of activities. The most of it was Zone conferences, which were awesome. I love zone conference and it was even better this time because I got to go to all of them. So I got to learn even more than I usually do. As well as get to know all the many Elders that are here in the mission. On Tuesday we were in Valdivia, on Thursday we were here in Osorno and on Friday we were in Puerto Montt. We were all over the place, haha, and within all those conferences there was a lot of taking Elders here and dropping others off there. It was a crazy whirlwind this last week. One night we stayed in the house of Elder Anderson and I enjoyed being with him for a little bit. My sleeping bag is super awesome and I have been staying super warm. So I will tell you why I didn´t get a chance to write you yesterday. It was because we had an emergency transfer and we had to take an Elder to Valdivia. It was actually to be with the comp of Elder Anderson, since he is going home next week his comp was going to need a new comp. So we drove the Elder up there. Well, while we were there the Zone leaders called us with a few questions and we ended up meeting up with them at an activity that happened to be in my old church when I was in Calle Calle. So we went and spoke with the ZLs and afterwards the Elders told us we should go in the church and stay awhile for a stake activity they were doing. We didn´t have much time but we went in and it was a talent show, but we didn´t go into where all the people were until my old Mamita, who was the host in the talent show, saw me through the window in the door then grabbed the microphone and announced in front of everyone that there was a special guest and she called me in, haha! I was a little embarresed but I walked in and was able to say hi to many great friends from my old ward. So to make a story short, we got home really late here to Osorno and there was no time to write, please forgive me.

Well fam, I am sorry that this email was so bad. I kinda threw it together really fast. I just want you all to know that I love you. I love this work, I hope that in the time that I have left I can give it all to the Lord. I hope that for whatever reason I am where I am that I can do what he had planned for me. I have so many desires to help the people around me all I can. Day and day again my weaknesses stop me from doing so and I hope that the Lord can help me out and have mercy on me and help me to do his will. I love you all.
Elder Brown

1. Some of the boys from my group in the zone conference
2. 3 of my comps all together haha
3. Some of the Osorno zone after playing basketball


Don´t worry Rick I approve but hey man don´t go to fast. Don´t forget to wait for me as well. It sounds like quite a few people are blown away with all that has happened in these last few weeks haha I hope that all is well my good friend. I love you so much. I tell you that I approve but that you have to wait for me and that you have to go slow and see if things go well or not but just go slow and see how things go. I sure love you man thanks for always remembering to update me.
Elder Brown


Thanks so much for writing me. But hey why so short I am waiting an email a lot better then that haha. I sent a letter awhile back and I can´t believe that you didn´t get it. That bums me out it was a good letter haha it took me a long time to write because there is like no time haha. Hey keep writing me and I will get a letter written but for now its just going to be short clips like this haha. Thanks for your support and prayers. Keep writing. Oh and P days are saturdays now so if you want me to read it it has to be there before saturday haha sorry.

Elder Brown

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