December 31, 2011

Hola familia y amigos,
I know Mom is going to be so mad that she didn´t get to send me an email this week and i am sorry that i didn´t get the info to you that my p day got switched to Saturday but i didn´t know till after i talked to you guys on skype a few days later. They changed it again this week because of the new year because everyone is just going to get drunk. The next time i email you will be not this next coming Monday but the next. Don´t worry though everything is going so good down here and i am loving it.
First off Christmas was awesome and i had a good time sharing about Jesus Christ during such a great time of year. I just wish we would have got more of a chance to teach and share but since so many people just get drunk down here we didn´t get to work a whole ton. Its the same with this week we can´t be out working in less we have citas. We struggled big time getting citas for the weekend to because no one wants to take any time to listen to the message of there SALVATION!!!!! Especially during the new year. So last few days we have been working really hard to find and yesterday we contacted about 60 people looking for people we could begin to start teach. Here when you contact on the street you have to be real fast because if your not fast all they say is "estoy acupado" and shake there finger at us. So we usually get straight to the point and tell them we have a message about Jesus Christ and the restoration of his church. Or our message can bless families something flashy and fast to catch there attention then we go in and say yo soy elder Brown somos representantes de Jesucristo. The greatest thing about this past week after talking to my great family who all looked great was that i got my first accepted challenge for baptism this week. I have been shut down a few times. This week though i challenged a husband and a wife to prepare for baptism for this up coming month on the 28th and Susan the wife said these exact words to answer. "Yes i will do that. What time is Church!!!!" We are still working on the husband Louis but we will get him for sure he is just a thinker and i think he is sincerely searching to find the truth so i know he will get his answer soon. His wife just has amazing faith and she is just awesome. They also have an 11 old daughter that we hope to help towards baptism as well. That is the highlight of the week.
Today for P-day we went and played soccer at the church and then did a picture scavenger hunt with our zone and the Osorno zone. Where er had to go out and take pictures of things. It was lots of fun. Then after that we went and shopped and got lunch with the Zone leaders and Elder Anderson and Elder Hamblin (who is now my favorite because he loves George straight) but really Hamblin is amazing and he goes home to Orem this cambio so that's kinda sad. Know i am just sitting in a little ciber cafe writing my family and friends.
I want to say thanks to all who have written me letters or sent me Christmas cards in the past few days thank you so much Sister Norris, Elder Dowd, Doxeys, Jenna, and also for all the little notes from the word and extended family thank you so much.
Thank you Brittany for the package and Mom i am sure you threw something in there. I love you all so very much. I am lovin everything out here and i am doing great don´t worry about me. The Lord is helpin us missionaries.

Lacee- Thanks for your email. I am loving it out here. It sounds like your doing alright back in the real world, and that you are adjusting ok. I hope everything goes well while looking for your beautiful SUV. I love you so much thanks for your great example.

Elder Brown

PS Mother in the next package you send will you put the shaving heads in there and also some deodorant and that would be so awesome of you. Thank you my wonderful mom. You are the very very best.

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