January 9, 2012

Hola de Chile!
   Como estamos? I hope everything is going good back in O town and now in Cedar as well. I cannot believe that Lacee is already at school. I am so scared at how fast the time flies by here on the mission. I have so much to learn and I have so much to improve on and the time is just flying by. 
   Everything is going good down here. We have had kind of a rough week this week. Susan and her family fell through. They left to go on vacation some where for a really long time, so that was rough for us. So it was a tough week. One day, every single one of our "citas" fell through, so we just walked and knocked doors all day. Cool story though - we walked all day and at about 7:30 we were both just so dead and tired and didn't want to walk anymore and knock anymore doors. But we walked in front of this one house and we both look at it and just kinda sit there for a second. Then I just said, "I'm doing it" and we walk up and knock the door. This lady answers and as soon as she sees us she rolls her eyes. I start in on introducing ourselves and she says "I know you guys" in Spanish of course ha. She goes into this big story about how she was baptized and all her family has been members their whole life and how she knew that it wasn't true. She didn't stop there though, she was just tearing into us. We begin to bear testimony and the conversation starts to change. She revealed to us that her son died in her arms about 1 year ago when he was five. He had been hit by a bus and she had taken it so hard. She told us she felt like not living any longer. We both bore our testimonies about how God loves us all, that he knows us, that he cares about us and that he wants us to be happy. We all cried out there on that porch. It was very touching to see the change that happened to her right there within that hour of talking on her porch. I know the Spirit can change peoples hearts. All we have to do is bare our simple testimony of the truth we know to be true. We have been visiting her and we are hoping to get her husband with a baptism date when we go back to teach. 
   We kept having a hard week though. I got to direct my area for the first time because we had exchanges and Elder Hamblin, the comp of Elder Anderson, came with me and the two noobies. Elder Anderson and I lead our sectors. That was a good day and I learned a lot from Elder Hamblin. I love him. So, we have been struggling to get our investigators to come to church. So, we came to the conclusion that we were going to go search for people before church started. So we leave our house and as soon as we get in the "colectivo" (small bus) to take us up to our sector, it started to rain hard. We didn't have our coats, just in our suits, ha. So we sprint to one of our investigators houses and we knock three times and no one answers. Soaked by now, we ran out of time and had to go back down to the church. Though we were soaked and we got no one to come to church, for some reason I felt so happy as I welcomed people into church soaking wet. All I know is that we showed the Lord our faith and I know he has and will bless us as long as we are willing to be faithful.
   OK, now to answer some questions. I love Chile. There are things that I thought it would be like and there are things that are different. I don't get nervous talking to people, I usually just go up to them and belt out all the Spanish I can, ha. I just say it and don't think about the Spanish ha. So sometimes it comes out rough and sometimes good. The Spanish is coming a long. I am learning a lot and I love it. I love the food; it is great and I haven't had anything too bad yet, it's good. Clothes and everything are good. Thanks mom for being so great and doing some great shopping for me. The allergies are better. Some of it is because of the ash in the air from the volcanoes. If its a clear day from a good spot you can see 4 of them, ha. For New Years we went and ate at a members house until 11 and they took us home in their car to be safe ha. Then we waited till 12 in our pj's and gave each other hugs ha and went to bed ha. The problem was as soon as we turned out the lights our neighbors broke out the music, singing and drinking ha. So we didn't sleep too well. 
Well, I love you family so much! Thanks for your support and love. Mom, I love you. Don't worry and thanks for being the most amazing mom in the whole world! You are the best. Dad, I love you so much and thank you for being someone that I could always look up to and be my example.

Elder Brown 

Hey bud keep plugging away with school and b ball and try to grow those muscles of yours ha. Good luck with every thing. Keep reading the BOM.

I can't believe you are off at school, that is crazy, and that your going on dates! That is weird. Your car looks sweet. I am totally driving it a few times when I get back. Good luck with the real world and school. I know you will do awesome. I love you.

Your the best little mom and your boys are the cutest. Thank you so much for the calendar. I love it!!! Tell the boys I love them.


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