January 16, 2012

Hola Familia y amigos,

¿Como estan? I love hearing about everything thats going down in good old O town. I can't believe all that has happened since I have left and it hasn't even been that long. Is Jeffery Izatt going to the same mission as Zach? Yes, I got a letter from Sister Norris; she is very sweet. Make sure to thank her for me and give her a big hug. I also got letters from Rick Doxey, Whitney, and some other friends from school. It was great to hear from all of them.

So this week was an awesome week. We decided at the beginning of the week that we would focus on getting people to come to church this week. So all week long we worked and worked and worked. We reminded everyone and invited everyone we saw to come to church. We knew that if we showed the Lord that we were willing to do all we could to get people to come he would bless us. So Saturday night comes around and we were calling everyone to remind them one last time. Everyone starts to fall through, telling us that they couldn't come anymore. We just had faith that there were going to be people there. At church the next day we are just sitting there and no one was there. Church started and still no one. Then, right before the sacrament, People just flooded in. Members, inactives, and investigators! We had over 120 members at church when we usually have like 80. It was amazing. I could not help but just be so excited and happy. God knows us, he loves us, he is our Father; just like it says I think in the sermon on the mount or in 3rd Nephi, if our fathers here on earth know how to give good gifts how much more does our perfect Heavenly Father know how to give us what we need. Oh man, I love missionary work! Seeing that overflow open this Sunday was such a blessing. I know that if we do all we can and leave the rest to the Lord we can do what ever is asked of us.

Ok enough of that. Now to answer questions. The weather is awesome here; super warm, sometimes too hot though, but I am loving it. My allergies have not been bad at all this past week so thats good. For p-day usually we go play soccer and then go out to lunch with the fab six - Elder Purser and me, Elder Cross and Elder Key the zone leaders and Elder Hamblin and Elder Anderson. Then we go buy groceries and stuff. I don't know if we told you but last week we had permission to watch BYU football highlights that Elder Hamblin had because he red-shirted there. So that was sweet. I was loving it. That's about all we do on P-days except next week we are going to do a zone trip some where cool to see something so that will be fun. Hm, Dad about the Jobs here, I'm not sure what to tell you. People are pretty poor here, but for Chile not everyone in our sector is to bad. Some better than others. There are a lot of painters, a lot of guys work construction and they go out to the campo a lot to pick fruits. Mostly cherries which are so so good here. Compared to the states though most people are pretty poor. It's very humbling and I just love these people. The little kids are my favorite though. I have two really good buddies - little Thomas, a 4 year old boy whose family are members - he is one of my favorites. We play all the time. Then little Catolina who is 3. She is so cute and she always comes over and wants to play with me at church. The young men here are awesome. They come out and work with us all day and I really love all of them. Some of them have added me on facebook so you can accept them Dad. What I am thinking I might do is just have Nacho, the boy of the momita, send all my pictures in an email until I come up with a system. I think I need a usb memory thing though to put all my pictures on. I need one huge favor though. You know how I gave my nice spanish triple away. It would be awesome if you could find me a nice Spanish triple with tabs that you could send me because you can't get one with tabs here. That would be so amazing if you could. I just want to have nice missionary scriptures you know.

Well thanks or everything family and friends I love you all.

Elder Brown

Wow it blows my mind that you are already at school in school and have roommates my age. That is so crazy that you are rooming with one of Jenna's friends ha! I laughed pretty hard when I saw that. I love getting letters though so you can tell anyone to write me. It just might take me forever to write back ha. I hope things start to get better over there. I know you are going to be fine though. Thanks for your awesome example though. I love you so very much. Keep working hard though.
Your bro Elder Brown

I love hearing all about the boys and how they are doing. They really are like the cutest boys ever. I love them so much and I can't believe that they already seem bigger. Don't let them forget me. Keep doing an awesome job at raising your fam. You are such an awesome mom and sister and example to me. I love you so much.
Elder Brown

Keep working hard in school, in Basketball, and in reading the scriptures. I know you're doing awesome. I love you so much bro and iImiss you tons.
Elder Brown
On a cool old bridge in Rahue
Our house
Elder Cross my zone leader. Looks like Ryan Draper huh?

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