February 20, 2012

Hola amorosa Familia y Amigos,

First things first mother, I did get the package and right on Valentines day at that. My mom is the most amazing ever. I don't know how you do it mom. I love you so much and thank you so much for that and all the work you put into it. Tell as many people as you can thanks for writing little notes to me. I appreciate all the support and I can feel the Love, that's for sure.

Ok, now for the questions: No, I am not having any problems with bugs, so that is wonderful. Unless you count the huge slugs that we find in the morning in the bathroom. They're the size of my biggest finger, they're big haha. Allergies se fue, they are no more. It's wonderful. I take my vitamins everyday, just so you know. I am not going to lie though, I am becoming a pencil neck! I can't help it and it makes me very sad. I want to cry when I see pics and I look like a twig. That's too bad you haven't seen Hamblin yet. I sure love that guy. Oh and Mom, no love letters, of course. Who do you think I am, ha. Oh man, it sounds like you guys had a fun weekend. One I am a little sad to miss, but I would not change this experience for anything. I love the mission so much. It's not even funny how happy I am even when people are ignoring us, cursing us out, and a whole bunch of other things. I just love it.

Now, for a little bit about the work. We had the craziest weekend ever!! Andres was baptized and it was so awesome. It was the best baptism I have ever been to. Elder Purser had to baptize him 4 times to get him all the way under, it was so funny. It was a very spiritual baptism and then finished it off with Andres' awesome testimony. Wow, it was a good Saturday. Plus, we had an interview for Maria this weekend, the lady I told you about with her little boy and the food. She will be baptized this next Saturday, so we are very excited for that. Sunday just got crazier. We got to be a part of confirming Andres. Then, we were running around getting people to classes, Helping set people apart for callings and getting little kids to go to primary - it was loco. After the hectic but super good church we went and had lunch at Veronica and Andres' house. We ate Chinese food and, oh my goodness, it was so good. I was in heaven. The week was successful in the end and we are excited for another one with a baptism to finish it off. What an opportunity to serve the people here in Chile. I sure love it. One thing I realized that we can always do better at is having our eyes open and seeing other people's needs when we are living in this crazy hectic life. We just need to step back and move a little slower; step back and see the bigger picture. I realized this last week that I was missing a lot where I could have been helping someone. It was pretty hard when I realized things I have missed and things I could have done to help someone. So my new goal is to step back see the big picture and really find people's needs really find how i can help someone. It was a humbling expirience this week and from now on I am going to try my best to see the places where I can help and do all I can to help those people. I know that is something we can all do better at.

Well that's pretty much all I've got this week. Thank you everyone for your support, love and prayers. I sure can feel the strength. I love you all so much.

Oh, and thank you for the friends letters. Oh boy do they crack me up! I am glad to hear they are all doing well. If any of them get to see this email - I love all you guys so much keep working hard! I am glad you are all seeming healthy (Rick Doxey!).

Elder Brown

Dear Hermana Brown,
Lacee, I can't believe how long you have been home. It's pretty darn crazy. Sounds like you are doing good. I sure do miss you and love you tons. Thanks for the awesome talk, I had read it once before. I am glad I have it to study more. It is so awesome. I love you tons.
Elder Brown

I love getting your emails and hearing about all the cute funny little stories about Blake and Bridger, and thanks so much for the pictures. I love seeing the little guys. They are both some of my favorite kids in the whole wide world. I love them so much. Thanks so much sis for all you have done for me. Thanks for your support and emails. I love them so very much.
Elder Brown

Aunt Vicky,
Thank you so much for your letter Vicky. You have always been so good to me. You always support me in all that I do. I sure do love you. I am glad to hear all is going well with you. It's good to hear that you get to work at the temple so much. I sure can't wait to go back there. Thanks for being such an amazing Aunt.
Elder Brown
Jose and Nicolas Baptism

Elder Anderson and Elder Brown

Andres' Baptism

Camilo, Elder Brown, Andres, Purser, Corio, Nocho

Elder Brown and Elder Purser

Elder Brown and Corio

Joes, Nico, and Mom

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