March 18, 2013


Wow, what a week. I cannot even explain how excited I am for the work. I love it so much. To see pictures of the Pedersons with their calls just makes me even more excited about the work. That is so awesome. Everyone in those pics looks so big. Zane looks like such a man, and I remember just like yesterday when he was a little tike and he always told me he would beat me in basketball. Then, I would just destroy him. Now he can probably beat me ha. I love missionary work!!! There is nothing better. Everyone should experience the great joy that comes from sharing the Gospel with the world. Well, I am glad to hear that all are doing so great. Good job Caiden, on rockin' it out there on the futbol field. I am glad to hear that all are doing well. Before I start telling you about all that has happened and is happening I just want to tell you that it might always be better to write me Sundays, because from now on I am going to be responding a lot earlier in the morning because we have to come use the computers bright and early to send all the numbers of the zone to the APs and then right after we do emails.

Ok, first I will attempt to answer all the questions of my wonderful mom. I LOVE MY NEW AREA!!! I will tell you more about it later. It's not too cold, except the strong wind that comes in from Antartica, that is a wind I have never felt before,oh, but it is cold. Not too bad, but really awesome to feel. It's like an Antartic fresh haha. Yes, it will take much longer for packages, that's one downfall of being at the end of the world, but it is nothing compared to all the amazingness that is southern Chile. Mother, you are going to be all worried when I tell you how much I have lost, but I have lost about 20 pounds. You must remember that I was pretty big when I left. I weighed 235 when I came out and now I wonder maybe about 210 or so haha. I am a skinny guy now. No, I did not throw my other shoes out because I had a friend in Pangui that was a shoe cobbler and he fixed my other ones the best he could for 4 dollars ha. Yes, I had more than one watch but now I just have the same one that I came out with. OK, I think that is about all the questions.

OK, now for info on what is going down here at the end of the world. This place is the promised land. The people here are so nice and loving. They stop to talk with us and are really open to us two gringos from Utah ha. We have been able to teach a lot of people the gospel. At this moment we have 11 people with goals to be baptized in the coming months. We are very excited. We have been really focusing on being worthy and inviting the spirit to show us what to do and how to do the work. We have had some great teaching experiences all ready and we are looking foward to having many more as long as we are worthy and willing to follow his promptings. Our ward is so awesome! Yesterday we had 115 people there in church. We are going to focus a ton on working through the members to find investigators because when Pres. Rappleye called me he promised us that if we worked with the members here that we would have a lot of success. Our Mamita is so awesome and I already love her so much. Dad, the trip here was a long one. Tuesday we traveled in a bus from Pangui all the way to Puerto Montt. We stayed the night there with me old comp. Elder Hoybjerg who also is a ZL. Then in the morning we took off for Punta Arenas in the plane. They gave me the emergency seats because there is more room and they saw how tall I was haha. It was a long trip. Dad you can try to look up the Poblacion Silva Enriquez but I still don't know our sector very good because it's huge and I don't know it all yet. The zone is all of Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, and Porvenir. It is huge and we have the biggest zone of Elders in the mission and growing because of all the new Elders and Hermanas that are coming in ha.

Well, I think that is about all that I can tell you about the sector for now. Just know that I think it might be the best in all the mission and I am so excited to get going and to see some miracles happen. I love this work with all my heart it has changed me so much and there is so so so much to still be learned and to change. I feel so amazingly grateful for the life that I have been given, for the great family that I have and for the amazing friends, teachers, and many other people with whom the Lord has blessed me. I know that this is his church. I know it with out a doubt because everytime that I enter into someone's house and we are able to feel the spirit there is no way of denying that this message comes from God. I am so grateful for the spirit, for if it wasn't for him I do not think that one person would listen to us. He is the true missionary. He is the real teacher. What a blessing the Lord has given us in giving us the guidance of the Spirit. I love you all so much. Have a good week. We are going to go to work this week. I will tell you about it next monday.


Elder Brown

1. Saying bye to the Ericksons. I love them
2. My buddy Elder Larsen, who I saw for the first time since we started the mission together. I love him

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