March 11, 2013

Hola Familia y amigos,

I sure do hope I can get all the way through this email with out losing it. I sure do love you all and I am so grateful for your love and support. Without your prayers who knows where I would be! I love you all and I am glad to hear that all is well. Sounds like time just keeps marching on there and that lots of great things are happening. Brianne is coming to Chile Lindo!! Yay for her. She is going to love it. The Chileans are some great people. They are so loving, even if sometimes they don't want to listen to you. They are always willing to give you food or anything you ask for. (as long as you don't to baptize them haha). I sure do love los chilenos. That's so cool that Zane is also going Spanish speaking and that they leave at the same time. The work is moving forward so fast all over the world it is so awesome.

Alright, I am sure that everyone is pretty anxious to know what's going down with the transfers, but I think I will wait to tell you all haha. No, I will tell you. So, Saturday there was a baptism for the other elders here in Pangui, so we were getting ready for that and at about 7:00, right before the baptism was going to start, the phone of the other elders rings. E. Buron looks and says "PRESIDENT RAPPLEYE" and throws the phone to E. Crosby (all the members are watching this happen, by the way). E. Crosby answers and President asks E. Crosby to give the phone to Buron. He tells him that he will be training a new guy here in Pangui, then he passes it back to E. Crosby. Pres. tells him that he is going all the way down to Punta Arenas - the other side of the mission and the end of the world, haha, to be district leader. Then for some reason Pres. asks Crosby if he was with me and E. Crosby, having the phone on speaker phone so we can all hear says, yes we are all here together. Pres. then asks "What are you all doing having a party?!" After explaining why we were together, E. Crosby then loudly asks pres. "and Elder Brown is coming to Punta Arenas with me, huh?" President then says YES!! Everyone freaks out, then once again E. Crosby yells "and he is going as zone leader huh?!¨" and once again President Rappleye says yes!! He then spoke to me a little bit and told me how we are going to be able to have a lot of success down there and that it's the biggest zone in the mission. I am excited for the new experience, but more than anything, I am excited for who my comp. is. My first comp. from Utah, Elder Walker, who before going to the south was my zone leader. So I have worked with him and he is awesome, so so so awesome. He is from Bountiful and I am so excited! We are going to work our little bums off in the freezing cold of the south ha. My sector is called Patagonia and I hear it is very cold. I head out tomorrow. E. Cortez is very sad that I am going but his new comp. is great. I know him. He is also from Utah. So that is the big news of the week. Pretty crazy huh?!!! I am excited to work in the south with E. Walker.

The work in the sector is going very very good. We have 4 people working towards baptisms and there is many more to put with goals. I am a little sad to leave and not be able to see these people get baptized, but it seems that that has been the pattern of the mission and I am ok with that. I sure do love these people. There is nothing I would rather be doing than serving the Lord and the amazing people of Chile, no matter whether I see them get baptized or not. What an amazing work we are a part of. There is nothing more important, nothing worth more, and nothing that brings more blessings. I hope to continue serving the Lord with all that I have and that as I do so He will make up for the many many weaknesses I have. He is our savior, He has suffered for our weaknesses and as we trust in Him and try with all faith to improve in all humbleness, He some how is able to make those weak things strong. I have seen it almost every day of my mission. I love you all. Sorry I couldn't answer many questions.

Elder Brown

1 Me and the family of the Branch president
2 My favorite little kids
3 Elder Cortez mi hijo and I

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