June 10, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Happy anniversary this past week to my wonderful parents!! I sure love you guys and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me all the days of your life. I also want to tell little Blake man that I love him and happy birthday. He is so big now, I cannot believe it. WOW, my friends are all home now!! It's crazy, they are just the gang again, just all going to receptions together. Ha, I love those guys so much. They are all so awesome. I would not be who I am today if it wasn't for all those guys. You guys have to make sure to tell them to not forget about me and that they all need to wait for me before they start getting girlfriends haha. I will continue faithful in the work of the Lord though. There is nothing better than this time right now, and it's not much, so I need to do all I can right now. I made a goal at the beginning of my mission that I was going to go hard to the end so that when I finish I can say "I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith". I know that if I do so, the feeling will be a lot better knowing that I put everything out there. I would much rather go down swinging than go down watching, haha, good old baseball term.

This week was a crazy one with all the transfers. Sending Elders here and there, doing divisions with elders and recieving an almost all new zone of all new guys. Of 13 sectors here in the Punta Arenas zone, 9 of them are in training of new missionaries! You can say that we are a young zone. We are very excited to have all these new guys, because it brings a new and renewed feeling of faith and excitement for the work. We are going to try to feed off of those new guys' excitement to get the whole zone moving and getting great things done and seeing miracles here in Punta Arenas. I know that we as a zone can do things that we never thought that we could do. If we can just have faith in the Lord and in his promises and we show that faith with our great works, I know that the Lord with provide and bless us. We will be part in helping the Gospel roll forth until it has gone to all the stretches of the earth and sounded in every ear. There is no greater blessing than participating in this great work.

Mother, if you do end up sending another package I would not know what to tell you to put in it. I need new tennis shoes because mine are literally destroyed, but I don't use them that much any way, so I believe that they can wait. Maybe some good old sweets, haha, and I wouldn't know what else to say ha.

It sounds like Caiden's summer is already off to a great start. I was sure glad to hear from you bud. I want to let you know that my current record for juggling a soccer ball is now 38 and going up, so I would be a little scared if I were you haha. I love you bud and you better know it that when I get home we will be hitting two different kinds of gyms... the physical gym and the spiritual one where we are going to get you big musclely and spiritually haha. I love you bud.

That job that Wade got sounds pretty awesome. I would like to see what he does. It sounds like the Peterson fam is doing good and that the two little boys are as cute and as funny as always haha. I sure do love that little fam.

I haven't heard from my sis Lacee for awhile. Tell her that even with all her work she better drop me a couple lines about how she is doing and if she is finding an eternal companion yet, haha, I love you sis.

Well fam, there isn't much to tell you about except that at this moment in the work we are working hard in finding new investigators, because when we divided the sector with the Hermanas they got the part with all our investigators and we were left with little to nothing, but this is the Lord's work and I know that He provides for those that help themselves and that is exactly what we are trying to do now. I love this work with all my heart. It will continue nobly and boldly till it fills the whole earth. What a blessing to be part of such a great work. I love you all.

Elder Brown

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