June 3, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Here we are again sittin' down to write the fam. It has been an interesting week. I am so jealous about the Stake conference that you had with L. Tom Perry. I wish I could have been there for that haha. It's really funny that Caleb spoke with L. Tom Perry because I always used to say that Caleb smiled like Elder Perry. I would always say to him "Give us the Perry smile" haha. Sounds like Caiden's got a big summer coming up. That's pretty cool. Doesn't sound like he is going to get any work in, haha. I am always glad to hear from my wonderful family. I love you all so much. I just want to tell my two wonderful parents thanks for raising us in the Gospel. It has changed my life and without it I am sure I would be a real scrub. Thanks for teaching me what you have.

Mother, about the mission thing for Caiden. I don't think that there is any better decision than to just get out on the mission as soon as possible. Obviously he needs to be prepared, but I think he would regret it if he didn't just go right out. Plus, he is not too bad looking and so I am sure the girls are always following him around and so it's best that he just gets out there as soon as possible, haha, I'm not as handsome, so it wasn't as big of a worry. The best thing that Caiden can do right now is learn to listen and discern the Spirit. He is the teacher, He will not only teach the investigators for him, but will teach Caiden everything that a job would, or a year of college would and much much more. Help Caiden feel the Spirit and learn His importance, teach him to follow the Spirit and I promise you that he will be prepared for the mission. All else he will learn in the mission. I have thought a lot about how I would and will prepare children for missions, and I have thought about what I would say and teach and when it all comes down to it, If one can learn and understand the importance of the Spirit everything else will come into place. Obviously, that never will overcome the need to study scriptures, learn the Gospel, learn good work ethics, and obtain Christlike attributes, but if the Spirit comes first He will teach us all else that we need to know and be. That's what I would say to you mother and to my little bro Caiden. THE SPIRIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Learn how He works, learn to listen for Him, learn to invite Him, learn to recognize how He speaks with you personaly and all will be well. There is my piece. I am sure my wise Mom and Dad already knew that because the things they have taught me have made me into the person I am. Because of them I am here, thanks to them I know what I know, thanks to them I am who I am.

Well, now for a little on the week. Monday we were going to watch 17 miracles as a zone but the TV didn't work, so we didn't get to. I am not sure if I told you all, but Hermana missionaries are coming to be in our ward. We are going to be splitting our area and giving them half of it. So this whole week was full of getting their apartment ready and buying ALL NEW STUFF FOR THEM. They are going to be so spoiled, the stuff we have got them is so nice. Their apartment is amazing. I don't think I have ever spent more money in a week in my whole life haha. The mission deposited money in my mission card to buy all the stuff. Gustavo came out with us to look for good prices on all the stuff like mattresses, bunk bed, oven, mircrowave, and fridge. We bought so much stuff. A lot of our week was working on that stuff, but we ended the week great with the baptism of Jose. What an amazing day. He is so awesome and I have been able to see so much progress in him. He has even learned how to read since the missionaries got to his house. It was a great weekend.

Oh yeah, it is tranfers this Wednesday and me and Elder Stanley are going for the long run, haha, another transfer. We are going to stay together, which is awesome. We have a fun time together. We are excited because almost half our zone is going to be new missionaries who are starting their missions this Wednesday, so we are really excited to start them off good.

I am blown away at the fact that my two best buds are getting home from their missions this week. I love those guys so much. Please let them know how much I love them and tell them to wait for me haha.

Elder Brown

I am still working on your letter haha sorry it takes me a long time to write them. I hope your grandma is doing alright. Keep updating me on how she is doing and on what is going on up there in Utah.
Elder Brown

1. Jose´s Baptism!!!

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