May 27, 2013

Another week....... come and gone. Well, at this rate the time just keeps speeding up and never will slow down. I am very sad to say it though haha. I sure do love to hear from you all and I am so glad to hear that all the partying went well. The only thing that makes me sad is that my bro, the crystal glass, is giving up the best sport in the world!! But hey, if he doesn't want me to come pound him down on the football field when I get home I guess I can do it on the soccer and basketball fields and courts haha. I guess that's enough. Good luck Caiden with the tryouts and all the camps. What I really can't wait for bro, is when you finish those trainings and camps and can come out and get the ¨LIFE training¨ that one gets when you go on a mission. There could not be a better training for what is to come and it has changed my life forever. I love this work and I can't wait until you can be out here doing the same and feeling the same.

Well, for a little bit about this week. We had zone capacitation where Elder Stanley and I presented a few changes that they made in the way that we give and receive the key indicator numbers of the mission. We are changing and are going to begin doing all on the internet. We then had a council with the zone where we talked about how we want to do more councils, and not sermons, where everyone can participate and give their great ideas. It was a good meeting and I feel that we all left edified. We had intercambios (exchanges) with Elder Thomas and Elder PiƱel. It was a little wierd for me because I went with Elder Thomas at the start of his mission and that was now over a year ago. I couldn't believe it. Elder Thomas is awesome though, and we had a great day. He is a hick from Arizona and we get along great. The best part about the week was Saturday. At about 5:20 we were walking towards one of the main streets to take a taxi so we could go interview a little girl for baptism, and as we were walking down a street we decided, almost unconciously, to knock the last door on the street. It was all rainy and cold outside and a guy of about 27 years came out and, without saying anything to him, he let us in and offered us something hot to drink. We said no nicely and began to talk with him. His name is Hans and he has never had a religion and has never been baptized and has really never been interested, but a few months earlier he bagan to study the bible to try to find the truth. We didn't have much time to teach him since we had to be at the interview at 6, so we explained the restoration a little and left him with a pamphlet and set to come back on Sunday. We did so and wow, has he been prepared or what! He had read all that we had given him and he wanted to know if it was true. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and testified that if he read and prayed he would come to know it was true. We invited him to follow that answer and to be baptized. He accepted. We testified with all our hearts to him that the Lord knew him and wanted to give him more information and more truth. He agreed that we had been sent there for a reason. It was amazing and I know with all my heart that the Lord prepares his children. He knows every single one of them and wants to bless those with an open heart with more truth. I am thanful to be just a small part of that huge purpose.

I love this work and I love all of you.

Elder Brown

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