May 20, 2013

Wow, once again the week passes by like a day. I can´t believe how fast the time continues to blow by. Here I am at the end of the world preaching the Gospel and the time just seems to pick me up and carry me. I try not to let opportunities of time pass me by as it runs past. I try very hard to run with it. It's good to hear about all the partying that you are all doing. I need to take some time right now to congratulate my wonderful sister and tell her happy birthday. I sure do love you sis. You are a great example to me of someone who always trys to live the Gospel to the fullest and I hope that in the future (far future) I find a wife that is like you. I love you sis, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is so cool about the upset that Caid had in the state tourney. That's way awesome, way to go bud. I will blow some crazy goals past you when I get home haha.

Well fam, it was another great week here at the end of the world. We had zone conference on Tuesday and yes, President brought me down my package. Elder Stanley and I actually have been enjoying them this morning as we write our fams. Thank you mother, you sure are wonderful. The zone conference was awesome. Elder Stanley and I did a 45 min presentation about planning and practicing to teach and, like always, I had to refer to sports to get my point across. I am starting to realize how much I do that haha. The conference was awesome and, like always, I learned a ton and I am trying my very hardest to apply it in the work. One of my favorite things that I learned from the conference is that what we search for in our life is what we will get. For example, in missionary work, if we just search to do contacts in the street that's what we will get, is some contacts that don´t lead us to anything. But, if we search to find people who will be baptized and receive us and we do it by using contacting, that is exactly what we will find. It is the same in our lives. What we search for in our lives is what we will find, for the Lord always grants us according to our desires, whether they be unto eternal life or eternal death. I really loved this and I hope my desires can always be the right ones. Then, later this week on Saturday we had the baptism of the two little Guerrero girls. This family was inactive for over 7 years and we were able to help them to get activated and the Dad was able to baptize his two daughters. They have big plans to be able to get to the Temple and we are so excited for them. I will put a pic on. Over all this week was a great one.

I sure do love the mission and I hope that all of you know that I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the work. I have no doubt that this is the work of the Lord because I have seen him and his hand do things that there is no way that I could do. I feel so grateful to be able to carry his name on my chest at all times and represent him to the far reaches of world ( Punta Arenas sector Patagonia haha) I love to be a missionary and it is a short amount of time that we have to have the authority to stop people in the street and share this message with everyone, let alone invite all to come unto Christ by being baptized. What a CALLING, it is the best.

Well fam, I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.
Elder Brown

1. Baptism of Fernanda and Fransisca

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