May 6, 2013

Hola familia y Amigos,

I am sorry to say that the rule that got changed in other missions about writing friends has not changed in our mission, so I am sorry to say that I cannot respond to my buds and tell them how much I love them. So just send this email to them so that they all know that I love them and I want to talk to them but that I cannot write them here in email but that I am thinking about them and am praying for them.

Wow fam, I was so happy to see all those pics of the fam just partying it up in my favorite place in the world, or in other words Grandpa's world haha. Everyone just looks so awesome. My fam is the best fam that there could ever be. I am so thankful for you guys. You are all amazing. Even though my little bro might be a fragile hipster, if you know what i mean, and maybe the fourth Jonas Brother, hahaha. I love you broski and I can't wait to beat you up again. I can't believe that my sis graduated from college! Everyone is so big. Everyone looks so much older and bigger. And I just continue to lose hair and get skinnier ha. No worries, I might be losing hair but the things I am gaining are so much better, plus the scriptures talk about how not a single one of my hairs will be lost in the resurrection, thank you Alma the younger. I just want everyone to know how much I love them and how thankful I am for you. Before I forget, I will be calling the 12th between the hours of 2 and 5 but I will verify with you before hand. It will be by skype, so I can tell my sweet mother how awesome she is and how much I love her. Even though sometimes in her emails she writes trunky things like the thought of being in my sealing in the Temple holding hands, haha, I love you Mama.

OK, so now to try to express the amazing feelings of love and gratitude that I have for the Lord and his great work. I will not be able to give it justice with my words, because we all know how bad Elder Brown is with speaking and expressing himself haha. I will try my best though. This was another one of the greatest weeks of my mission. THE FAMILY LIRA LOPEZ WAS BAPTIZED SATURDAY! It was one amazing experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life and truly changed me for good. The spirit that was felt in the service was so strong. I had the amazing opportunity to baptize Gustavo and Joaquin and Elder Stanley baptized Sofia while Hna Wendy, since a member, watched in the front row. One thing I will try to express to you is the feeling that I had after I pulled Gustavo out of the water and he gave me a big huge hug and I looked up while hugging him to see his sweet wife with tears in her eyes and her soaking wet daughter and son next to her. I could not hold it in. What an amazing experience, something that will be burned deep into my heart forever. I know that that family will make it to the temple. My patriarchal blessing promises me that I will find many eternal friends within my mission and I know for sure that they are 4 of them. I love them so much, and as much as the Gospel has changed them, they have changed me.

Wow, that was the best part of the week. I know that there was a lot of other great stuff, but because of that wonderful experience I can't recall anything else right now. The ward has done an amazing job with integrating the family and I am so thankful for their great help. One other great moment in this week was a lesson we had with Marisol and her boyfriend Mauricio. Marisol is pretty much a member, she just wants to be baptized so bad, but she lives with her boyfriend and she wanted him to accept the Gospel also, but in the beginning he told us that he would die catholic. Well, I am telling you now that last night the spirit entered into that mans heart and taught him all that we could not. He began to explain the need he had to be baptized and Marisol began to cry because she was so happy. They both accepted to be baptized on the 1 of June. The spirit touches yet again another family. I am so grateful to be able to see these miracles happen by the hand of the lord and the spirit. It is so amazing.

Well fam I sure do love you all. I can't really remember anything else that I need to tell you. I love you all. Keep moving forward.
Elder Brown

Hermana Kenzie haha,
I am just so used to calling you Kenzie that I can't really stop and change it ha. That is so awesome that you get to be there in Guatemala. It is such a blessing to be able to go to another nation to learn the language. I know exactly how you feel to go to a place and not understand pretty much anything. In Peru all my teachers spoke nothing but spanish, same thing with my comp. Remember the promise that you were given when set apart. You have the gift of tongues, it is convenient for the Lord that you learn spanish, that's why he sent you there. You will learn it because that is what the Lord wants. Put all your effort in to listen, speak and read the language. I promise you with all my heart ( because I have lived it) that it will come with time. You will look back and ask yourself how could I not understand. The Lord helps those that help themselves, try your very hardest and he will bless you. With patience keep going you will not regret it. Don't ever give up, this experience will change your life. Yo se que el Señor te ayudará el esta conciente de ti. Te quiero mucho amiga.
Elder Brown

Elder Stewart,
I love you man so much. Keep working hard in till the end and then wait for me to get home before you boys start doing anything cool. Haha I don´t want to miss out on anything ha I love you man thanks for all you have taught me in my life.
Te quiero,
Elder Brown
Vamos hablar en puro español en la casa ¡¡ Que BAKAN!!

1. There is the fam I love so much.
2. Best baptism ever!!!

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