August 31, 2013

Wow, another week has blown past me and I am not sure where it went, but with it took 15 elders home and brought 20 new ones. It was a crazy last week. I will inform you all more about that later. Once again it's a gusto to hear from you all again. I sure do love you all. I know I say the same every single letter but there is no other way for me to describe it. I just love every single one of you.

My new comp. is Elder Virhuez, haha, I have known for so long that it just seemed to me that you all knew. I have known for like 3 weeks that he was going to be my comp. He is an awesome guy. He is from Argentina. I like him a lot and we are going to work hard. Well, I will start with the beginning of the crazy week. Monday was normal and we prepared everything for the new guys to get here. The new elders got here on Tuesday. It was a super crazy day where we were running around all day until about 10 at night. I woke up super early that day too, and I drove down to Puerto Montt with 2 of the office elders and left them there in the airport, and took the new Latinos back up to Osorno. Then a second group headed down to Puerto Montt in the afternoon to pick up the gringos that came from the Mexico MTC. It was the first group from there. We were giving a welcome presentation to them in groups, first the Latinos in Spanish, then the gringos in English and I cannot tell you how bad I was at English! I am sure you can kind of tell by my spelling and vocab. Ha, the new Elders thought it was pretty funny that I mixed so much of my Spanish and English. This new group was so awesome, they were full of energy and ready to go to work. One of the best groups I have seen come to the mission. They are so young though. I was so suprised, an Elder got here from Timpanogos, but I didn´t know him because I had graduated before he was even in high school, but he does know Caiden. His name is Elder Burop. Wednesday we had a meeting to train the new trainers that are going to be training the new group that got here and they were all great. All of them are just such great missionaries. I feel so blessed to get to know so many of them and to learn from each one of them. Then the hardest part of all came - 15 elders were preparing to go home. The last devotional and super are always the worst for me. It makes me so sad to see such great missionaries go home. I love every single one of them so much. We said goodbye to my companions, Elder Balbuena and Stanley, which was so hard to do. As well as my good friend Elder Crosby, who I lived with for 4 months. I was so happy to see pics of him as he got home, baptizing his mother!!! It was so cool to hear that and see the pics. Then the rest of the week has been pretty normal, We have been getting to know the sector more and we had an acitivity yesterday as a ward and us missionaries sang a few songs for the festival of songs that we did. It was pretty fun. Now here I am writing my wonderful fam.

Dad, that was such a good story to hear and I think that it explains much better the principle that I was trying to share. Now days I find it hard to express myself in the way that I want for two main reasons. First because my english is so bad and second is that with lots of time in the mission elders start to be big babies and I think I am at the point that I am just a big baby. Oh, I forgot to tell you what we did for my B day. Hna Rappleye made a cake and we shared it on my B day as well as all the office elders and I ate pizza for lunch. It was a good bday in the mission, simple, and that's all one needs. I am sorry to tell you mother, that the package has not come yet, but I think it will get here. I was also glad to hear from a few friends for my birthday in some emails today - thanks great friends I love you all.

Alright fam well, I love you all so much. I thank you all for what you do. I just want to share one thing with you all before I head off. I never liked it when Elders got home and talked about how they learned how to be salesmen thanks to the mission. I always said that they were completely different things. Then Pres. Rappleye, who has been a salesmen his whole life, shared something with me that changed a little my perspective. He taught Elder Balbuena and me that sales like everyone knows it now, is not really sales. Now days people just try to put their product on you, and force you to buy it no matter what you need, want, or can afford. He said sales is first listening to the costumer, getting to know them, finding what they search for, need and want, then with all this information collected you help them out. You give them what they need. You show them how that specific product can help them, so that when they leave that store they know that you are their friend, that you helped them get what was best for their needs, and that they will be coming back. This is the same as missionary work. We must first listen to those who are not members, get to know them, their desires, needs, and problems. Then, after knowing all this, show them the one product that will solve all their needs - The Gospel. We help those who do not know the truth to realize why they need the Gospel, how it will solve any problem, need, or desire that they will ever have. There is nothing better to sell than the Gospel, that is when we are talking about real sales, not the kind of sales that I have never liked (selling football cards that have no value and will solve no ones problems). The Gospel is the solution to life. I hope that I can be a salesman of this product the rest of my life. Whether it is as a missionary, brother, son, father, friend, or examples I want to always be selling this product. The Gospel is true. Love you all.

Elder Brown

1. The ending group
2. Hna Goodman giving a cake to blow out the candles
3. B day lunch
4. Osorno Zone almost all of us and Elder Homie (the little guy in my had haha)
5. Me and my new comp.

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