September 14, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos, (I am sure you are sick of this beggining but I can´t change it now haha its been almost 2 years with the same one)

Obviously, you already all know that I feel like the time is going by faster and faster as the day gets closer and closer because probably about a million times I have said it in my emails since I started the mission. It just seems to blow me away a little more every single day. I am always so glad to hear from you all and I wanted to start my email with a couple shout outs. First, Happy B day Gramps!!!!!!! I sure do love you Grandpa and Grandma. I really have a hard time expressing myself a lot of times, but the thankfulness that I feel for you is so great, and for so many reasons. First, for the way that you, Grandpa, have lived your life. I don´t know of many others who have been such a great example to so many. Second, for all the support that you have given me since I have been out on the mission and not to mention the support you have given to so many other missionaries in our family. Third, for creating such an amazing family that reaches further than many families that I know. All that I have recently said applies to both Grandpa and Grandma Brown, I just used Grandpa more because it was his birthday. I love you both so much and I hope that you had a great B day gramps. I am glad I will be there for the next one!!!!

Second shout out is to Aunt Vicky. I got a B day card from her and I wanted to give her thanks. She has always remembered me in every special date even after being gone so long and you would think that many would forget about me, Aunt Vicky sure hasn´t. I love you Aunty haha.

Ok, now just to let you know mother, mail is now working but that package does not show... I am sorrry I will hopefully get it soon. About college, first off it makes me sick to think about a couple things. First, college in generel, haha, second how bad my grades are. WOW, I can´t believe it. I have long since repented of that, just to let you know, but it looks like I still have the price to pay for it. I am going to be working my bum off it looks like. If you are sure that it is not even worth trying to get into BYU for now I guess that I can try UVU first, but if there is a chance that I could get in I would love it. One other thing I want to ask you to look up is about night school at BYU. I heard that is a good option to get grades up. As well as a Spanish test that one can take to get a bunch of credits if you pass it. Thanks for all that you are looking up for me Mother, so that I can stay focused here. About the money, it looks like I am going to be working like a crazy man to pay for school.

Ok, this week was reallly good. We had mission leader council this week in the mission home on Thursday, but that means that pretty much all this week before that we were preparing things for that, namely numbers - lots and lots of numbers haha. Everything turned out good on the report that we made for the meeting, there were no big time problems. I got to drive President's Explorer this week and I thought that I was in a resurrected version of Dora, haha, it was pretty funny. We had divisions yesterday with the Zone leaders in La Union and that was a lot of fun. I went with Elder Amone who is a big poly guy that is going to play middle linebacker for BYU after the mission and it was super awesome. There are so many great examples to learn from hear in the mission. I sure love it.

Alright, to finish things off I just want to share something that I have learned and am still learning about here in the mission. It is something that Pres. Rappleye has taught me. He always talks about the Host and the Guest. The difference of the Host from the guest is that the Host is always productive he is always doing something and its almost always something for someone else. He is running around doing good and making things happen. A guest sits around and waits for things to be given to him. He does not do almost anything of his own will and does little good and the good that he does is usually for himself. Pres. is always trying to help us to become Hosts. I hope that I have become more of a Host in my mission because we all know that before the mission that was not the case, haha. I know that if at some moments in my mission I have been a host the good that I have done might not amount to so much. As Elder Ballard explained in one of his talks about honey bees that all they do is to only give out a 12th of a teaspoon. I hope that up to now that I have done my 12th of a teaspoon, I feel that I have tried and that there is still more that I can give to make it up to that 12th. If all that I have done even amounts up to a 12th of a teaspoon to the Lord I am so grateful what all of that has done for me. I will tell you right now it has done a lot more for me than a 12th of a teaspoon. It has blessed me so so so much. I have learned that that is how it is with the Lord. That there is no way to ever break even with him. We give a very very very little and he gives us so much more. I feel that in the last year and.... almost 2 years that I may have done what amounts to very little to the Lord, he has given me so much. I feel so overly grateful. I love you all so very much.
Elder Brown

Sorry no pics this time the camara is in the car.  

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