September 7, 2013

Oh my goodness family, I can not explain to you how tired I feel this week, haha! It has been one crazy week. I am sure I will hear from you all later today but we got on to write right now, so sorry if you have any questions I will have to answer them next week.

So, to tell you all a little bit about what has happened in this last week...... I am not sure where to start, so much has happened and I feel like I have been around the world and back, even though I haven´t even gone that far. This last week though, we went over 1000 kilometers doing intercambios and trainers trainings. It has been one full week and I am feeling it now. I will start with the beginning. We had planned on heading to Chiloe on Monday, but we ended up leaving Osorno really late so we just got to Puerto Montt and stayed the night there. Tuesday, bright and early, we headed for Chiloe and we were confronted with a few problems, such as strikes in the middle of the highway, so that we couldn´t pass and we ended up missing the trainers training in Chiloe, but we got there later that day to be able to do intercambios with the Zone leaders. Wednesday we went to a district meeting in Chiloe and then headed to Puerto Montt where we did intercambios with another set of zone leaders. Thursday we did another trainers training and then had intercambios with the other zone leaders of Puerto Montt. Wow, I was tired byThursday but it wasn´t over yet, haha, yesterday we had a trainers training in Frutillar and then intercambios with the Zone leaders in Puerto Varas. To say the least, I am finishing this week wet and tired because this week I think that it did not stop raining until today, so we were pretty wet all week, but the drops of water did not stop us from having some awesome divisions and I sure did learn from every single one of them. Life is good, the mission is the greatest and a little bit of water will not stop us from working in the work of the Lord and it will defininately not stop God from bringing forth his work.

We got back this morning just in time to eat a great pancake breakfast with the Goodmans and the office elders; it was a great time. I have not had such a great breakfast since before the mission. It was sure a good one.

Haha, thanks Mom, Dad and Britt for taking the time to write me. Everything is going great with my Comp. We are just as busy as ever. I am so glad to always hear from you all, and I was able to see the video of the boys and Caiden. All the guys in the office thought that it was pretty funny. It was pretty funny and they really are so cute. I love those little guys.

Haha, I promise to you all that I have never felt so tired in my whole life. But at the same time I have never felt better in my whole life. This work has changed my life so much and one of the greatest opportunities that I have had lately has been to be able to visit with all the new elders in the mission and share with them the love that I have for the mission. Lots of times it is so hard for me to express myself to them and help them to understand the magnitude of what they are starting now. It will change the lives of so many. They seem to have heard it a million times, but I feel that they do not comprehend it. I feel that I am just about beginning to understand a little of the magnitude that it has had in my life and in the lives of others. I am sure that there is much about it that I still don´t understand, but I so badly want these new Elders to understand at least what I have come to understand in this short time. There is no better choice that they have ever made than to come out here and serve the Lord. I just love it so much. I want to thank all those that helped me to make such a choice, and who have done so much to support me as I have been doing it. I love you all so much and thank you all for all you do for me.

Elder Brown

1. Camino a Chiloe
2. Puerto Varas
3. Puerto Varas
4. Pancake breakfast in the Goodmans

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