April 16, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,
Como estamos? Si po, aqui estamos. That is the normal thing that Chileans say when you ask how they are; "Here we are" haha it makes me laugh. Another week come and gone in what seems like one big day, and even more so, a whole other cambio (transfer) has come and gone in what feels like one week. I have news once again. Elder Turner will be leaving me to go up to be a zone leader in another zone because he is boss. I will be staying here in Rahue another cambio........WHICH IS AWESOME!!!! I love it here. I will be with a young missionary like myself. His name is Elder Hoyberg or something like that. He came to the mission with Elder Anderson. So, that will be sweet. I am really excited. Oh, I don't know if you all knew, but Elder Anderson had surgery this last week. I actually went with him to the hospital for one of his visits because we were on exchanges and me and him were together for the day, it was sweet. Everything went well. Now he is just dying in the house because he can't leave and risk getting an infection. I went over to their house yesterday to study with him during the day for a little, so his comp and mine could go work in his sector and get some things done. Elder Anderson will be leaving this cambio so we will no longer be together, oh man. Ha, but it's all good.
Mother for your question, I will be warm this winter. They just installed a new wood combustion heater in our house and it is nice and hot haha. I am thinking about buying a sleeping bag here. Everyone of the old missionaries tells me it will be worth it for the winter so i am still debating that.
For a little bit about my super darn awesome week: First off, I got to use the priesthood in a way I have never done before. I had the amazing opportunity to dedicate a grave this past week. Remember Andres and Veronica? Andres got baptized a while back. Well, about 2 years ago their son died, when he was 5 in a crash. They asked if we could have a little service to dedicate his grave, because they never did it. I had the opportunity to dedicate it. Wow is all I can say. I love using the priesthood. I am so very thankful for it. I have been thinking about what Dad told me a while back about how the priesthood makes us better and without it we would really just not be much of anything. I feel more like that every time I get to use the priesthood. It is an enabling power that we have that transforms us from worldy men with nothing but our own power which is not much, and transforms us into men with the power of God to perform saving ordinances for others. What a blessing. I really hope that I will always magnify my priesthood and that I will always be able to mold and transform into a better servant and man of God. 
One more fast story that really touched my heart this past week: Yesterday we went to give the sacrament to an old man who can't get to church because he can't walk too well. When we got there he was all dressed in his church clothes ready to partake of the bread and water. As we sat down to get to know him, he had a little tear in his eye. He told us that it hurts him a little that he can't go to church because he loves it so much. He then told us that if he is not able to take the sacrament he feels something missing. He said in these exact words but in Spanish, "I need that thing, that feeling from the sacrament, to prepare myself to meet and get to know Jesus Christ. He said, "I can't wait to go meet Him and those others that are up there". Wow, I could barely hold in my emotions. What an amazing man who knew why we partake of the sacrament. I was amazingly impressed. I could not help but love that little old man. What an experience. We also finished the week with the baptism of Gabriel and old man Benito. It was awesome. Here are some pics. Benito is from the other missionaries, not our investigator. I love you all so much.
Elder Brown

1. Gabriela´s baptism. I love this family
2. Camila´s Baptism. As well love them
3.Baptism of Gabriel
4.The old man that I told you about with the sacrament
5.Elder Turner and I in centro in the square
6. Intercambios with Elder Anderson and Elder Johnson (who knows Brady Wells because he swam at BYU before the mission)

Oh, and if you want to see more pics look at Elder Turner´s blog

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