June 18, 2012

Another week gone again. Sounds like it was full of partying for you guys. Ha, I celebrated in my heart. Make sure you tell little, but actually kind of big, Blake happy birthday. The week sounded like a really good one though, and I am glad to hear it. I can't believe how big Blake looks in all the pictures and how skinny Caiden is still, hahaha! Oh wait, I knew that wouldn't change haha. Love you Caid. Oh, and how pretty my returned missonary sister is. Both my sisters are pretty darn pretty. I don't know what happened to me ha. That bounce house sure looked like a lot of fun.
Now for the questions. Yeah, her family is nice. Really different than my last one, but nice. Papito is really funny as well. Yes, she does all the same stuff my last Mamita did, so that is great and the food is good. Yeah, me and Elder Contreras are working good. It has been a little harder than expected but that's because I am being stretched and learning and I wouldn't want any more than that. I am pretty sure my family, Alberto and Carolina, got married on Saturday. I sure hope so. I haven't heard anything yet. Yes, Elder Frost is an awesome Zone leader. The things that are harder here are the people; they are a lot more closed off and cold, but as we keep woking hard and showing love to the people I know that we will keep finding people to teach and help.
Now I just want to dedicate this little section to my Papa. Something I realized this last weak is that the things that I have learned from the example of my Dad have made it possible for me to still be here on the mission. The example and the little lectures that I always received from my Dad after I got mad at my amazing Mother, have helped me to overcome some big hurdles here on the mission with ease. I have easily been able to let things slide and not get mad in situations where I could have easily risen up and said I am right in pride and caused big problems. Thanks to the example of a humble, loving father that taught me by that example that it is better to let things like that slide and let the contentious situations pass. I also thought about so many other things my Dad has taught me and as I thought back they are not few. Some of the memories that I remember with Dad are as follows: I remember the time that me and Dad went hunting, just me and him bow hunting. The time when Grandpa and Grandma came and ate with us once. I don't remember much but I do remember walking behind my Dad with my little plastic suction cup bow and looking up to my huge Dad with the big bow in front of me and having all the desire in the world to be like him. One other thing I do remember and always will remember is one of my favorite moments I have had with my Dad. I don't remember details or an exact time, but several times I have had the same experience where I can remember driving in the truck with Dad on a mountain and listening to country music with the windows down and feeling so happy to be there. That has happened lots of times and I will never forget feeling that happiness. I love you pops!!! Thanks for everything.
That's why I love the mission so much, because that same happiness that I have felt with my Dad I feel so much here when sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with my brothers and sisters here in Chile. Seeing the change that the Gospel does in the lives of those willing to live it makes me so darn happy. I love the mission life. I love you all family and I love all my friends that support me, and as well are out doing the same thing as me. Thanks for everything.
Elder Brown
Sorry for no pics I forgot the cord.
Your life sounds pretty awesome right now with all the sports that are going down. I can't wait to play you one on one again, as well as to watch you play. That time will come soon enough but I sure don't want to rush to get there. Love you bud.
Elder Brown
I can't believe you haven't been on more dates. Get going sis, haha just kidding. Keep having a good relaxing summer.
Elder Brown

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