June 25, 2012

Whats going down in O-town?? It's cold and wet here in Calle Calle, like always, but as equally awesome and fun. Sounds like there was a good party going down there at the Brown house on Sunday. I sure do love the members of the ward. It is incredible the amount of support and help that I received when leaving and still are receiving while out here in the mission. Everytime I go to buy food, I always think about the love and sacrifice that many ward members and family have done so that I can be here buying that food. Another thanks to so many amazing friends and family who have supported me and given so much to me so that I can be here. I love you all. I am glad to hear everything is going good there at home.

Now for questions. It's good to hear that you sent the package mom. We will see how long it takes. What happens is they get it at the office there in Osorno and then send it to the different zones. I am not sure how it gets here, but it does ha. I have seen others get here haha. Yeah, I have heard from a few. I always get the wonderful chance to hear from sweet Sister Norris which I love. I also heard from Madeline Ashcraft from Britt and Wade's ward. I haven't heard from Whitney who told you she sent a letter recently, hopefully it didn't get lost. That's about it, oh and Zach Peck, which I loved. His fam is moving to Vernal though, that was a little sad. The people are starting to warm up slowly. It's going well here. We have transfers in like 2 weeks or so. I don't think Elder Contreras will stay here but who knows, anything could happen. My Spanish is improving and I am proud to say that I now think in Spànish! It's really wierd. When I am thinking of things, it's always in Spanish, I love it!! I don't really have any responsibilities in the ward. All who attend do everything. Unless someone doesn't show up to talk. I still haven't had to talk though. I would like to though. I don't know if I am losing weight ha. I am pretty tired now, but somehow I just get filled with energy when it's time to work, so all is well haha. We go to bed at 11. I think that is all the questions. That is so awesome that Brady is in the Olympic trials!!!  WOW, that is so so so sweet. I miss me some sports sometimes haha. It's all good, missionary work is my sport now ha.

Today we saw some cool stuff. I will send you some pics. We went down to the huge river that connects to the ocean somewhere. It was cool. Elder Coria called me today!! He is the AP and he wanted to see how I was doing. It was good to talk to my old friend. I just want to say how much I love my fam. Without my fam I wouldn't be very much. This week was a little bit slower but we are getting lots of investigators going and soon this sector is going to be exploding, I know it. Everything starts in your mind. If you think something is hard in your head, it becomes something hard. If we will just change the set of our minds the amount of things we can accomplish is so much bigger than we know. Change your mind and your heart will follow. The mind is a powerful thing. I hope that I can always have the right set of mind through out all my life. We are here to overcome weaknesses that look so big, we are here to become like Jesus Christ and like He himself asked ¨What class of men ought ye to be? En verdad en verdad, even as I am¨ I can't remember it in English ha. The point is, Christ himself said that we can become like him. We can become perfect, maybe not in this life but it's possible. So we must stop thinking that it's impossible and put it into our minds that it can be done. Put your mind to it and your heart will follow. We will become only what our minds think we can become. My goal is to always remember that I can become like Christ and that all I must do is set my heart right and go out and make it happen. It's that simple. I love you all family. Thank you for everything that you have taught me and keep teaching me.
Elder Brown

The house looks like it is coming a long. It will be so awesome to come home and see it. As well as to see that nice room that you guys are building for me haha, just kidding. I can't even imagine what those two little boys are going to be like when I get home. I can't believe it. Wel,l I love you so much sis. Tell those boys I love them and Wade as well, but in Spanish, te qiuero tio y amigo español.
Elder Brown

1. I don´t know if you guys know who I am trying to imitate I hope you can guess.
2. Pretty cool boat huh. Its in the river here in Valdivia
2. Sub!! So cool
4.Look at the friends we found there was a bunch of them and this is one of the many I took pics of.

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