July 16, 2012

Familia y Amigos!!!!!!

I am so so so very sorry for not writing last week. I know that you (mom) would be a little worried or freaked out haha. The reason I didn't write was because all the internet here in our sector went down and we couldn't find a place where the internet was working.

Now for all the great questions. The transfer was a huge change...... not ha! Elder Contreras and I are together, still here in Calle Calle, so that's sweet. I will tell the truth, I did not expect that. I was hoping to be able to be companions with a younger missionary that I could teach. When I heard that I was staying with my companion I felt I little down. As I sat there at night thinking about it, I realized that it's not what I want, I don't give him my expectations, but it's His expectations that He gives us and He expects that we go forward with them and make the best of it. Maybe I am not teaching younger missionaries, but I am with my same comp right now for a reason and hopefully I can do something to help him. The missionary work here is going ha. It's a really tuff sector. A whole lot different from my last one. Sometimes I feel like I am in a whole other mission, but then again it's not about the sector, it's about the missionary. We have not had any baptisms. We are working on it though. I sure hope we can help some people get to that point. I have no idea if I am losing weight or not. Special people... ha well, we are teaching a married couple named Segundo and Mariluz, and it's been a long trip with them. We have helped Segundo stop drinking and we are trying to help them the very best we can. They are very nice and live in some very humbling circumstances. We found a 20 year old girl who shared with missionaries before that is really interested, so we will see how that goes. As well, we are teaching the Grandma of Abraham, a new member who comes out with us all the time. He is so awesome. She is so sweet and nice but very stubborn. We have tried to put her with a goal to get baptized so many times and she just doesn't want to say yes yet. Slowly we will get there. There are a few others that are coming out of the wood work so hopefully things start happening here. I type my emails in these little cybers that they have. They're like little stores that people have connected to their house where they have computers. Not many friends write emails because none know that they can, but YES YOU CAN WRITE ME BY EMAIL FRIENDS. ha. The only one that writes me by email is Jenna. No I can't respond back in a separate email, but I can in this one email to everyone as well as I will always write them that email me.

I think that is it for all the questions. I hope I answered good enough. It is good to hear that Dad is going back out to do what he did before he got sick. I am so proud of my Dad. We were talking about our Dads the other day and I told my comp about the times when me and my Dad would go camping just me and him. The weather here hasn't been bad at all, sunny but really cold at night. I am doing good though.

Mother, about the Job thing, wow am I greatful that I got off my bum and got working. I learned a lot from those two summers of long hot work days. There were many a times when I just wanted to quit as you know mother, but I am so glad I didn't, even when it seemed liked I was doing every single moving job in the state of Utah haha. The other day I used my moving skills in helping a group of little Chileans put this huge thing in a truck haha. It pĂ yed off, that job ha.

Well, a little bit about the past two weeks. It's been a normal two weeks here in Chile - full of drunks and funny stories ha. The other day it made me laugh when a drunk told me ´´Yo te voy a decir la verdura´´ which means "I am going to tell you the vegetable" when he was trying to say verdad which means truth ha. Oh man, those guys make me laugh ha. Oh yeah, and the other day while walking down the street a little kid yelled out "look dad, it's the martians, the mormon martians"! Ha I got a good laugh out of that.

Something I have been thinking about a lot this week has been Mosiah 3:19. For the natural man is an enemy of god and always will be. I thought of that story where there is a snake about ready to die of cold when a boy passes and the snake says put me in your coat and warm me or I will die. The young boy denies, but then after the persistence of the snake the boy picks him up and puts him in his coat. Shortly later, the boy was bitten and drops the snake. The boy, very angry, says you told me you would not bite me and the snake simply replies you knew I was a snake when you picked me up and that is my nature. Our nature is to be men and enemies of God, we mess up and do dumb things, but unlike the snake we have the chance to change our nature. God has given us the tools, prophets, scriptures, prayer, and the spirit. With these tools we can over come that nature and achieve a potential we didn't know we had. I really like that. We have what we need, now it's up to us. Put off that natural man and become a saint!!!!
I love you all so very much.
Elder Brown

I am so proud of you!!! Keep the dating going hahah.
Elder Brown

I love you, thanks for the email but I have to put pics up now.
Elder Brown

1. Me and Elder Frosty
2. Rio Calle Calle this is in my sector we took it today.
3. Cooking eggs and hot dog in the combustion that warms our house ha that is how it is down.

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