July 23, 2012

Familia y Amigos!!!!
Hello everyone another week has come and gone it is just crazy. Family I can´t believe you are heading up to Strawberry to go camping. I sure love that place and I sure love camping. I hope you guys have a great time up there. I think that that might be one of the first things that I will want to do when I get home after going to the temple. I want to go camping up where you guys are going. Of course that is very far in the future and I don´t want it to come to fast. There is much more to do here in the mission before that.
Ok mother for your big question what do I want for my birthday....... uh that's really hard. Ha! I don´t really need anything. of course I would love some treats, like some Swedish Fish, what else do I need though?? Some more music would be great, oh i just got a great idea!! It would be cool if you could send me some pics of Jesus. I am not sure which ones but maybe some like Grandma and Grandpa have in their bookstore. Ones like the one that is in my room. That would be cool. That's about all I can think about for now. Oh and more pics of me with friends and family.
Well everything is going good here in Calle Calle we are just plugging right along. Its still been pretty tough and we are working on changing things up here and making it a lot better then when we found it. We had an activity with the ward this week and we ate these things callled picarones. Oh my goodness they are so good. Dad you have to look them up. I was lovin it eating those ha. We are having a really hard time getting our investigators to church so its hard to get baptisms going if they won´t come to church, but we are working on it. Sorry if this email is kinda all over the place. There are tons of elders in this place and I found Elder Turner so we were talking for a bit and reminising ha. Here in Centro Valdivia like three zones come to buy food and things so there are tons of elders doing email here.
Ok to finish with a little thought of the week. I love this quote that I read from Thomas Edison "The value of an idea lies in the use of it." I love this quote. When we learn things it comes to no use of ours unless we apply it and try it. When we try things is when we really find out if it works and we also realize what is good and what is not. We must always be trying new things and changing seeing what is the best for us. If we don´t, all the knowledge we receive doesn´t change anything. It is when we convert it into wisdom is when it comes to our use and benefit. I really loved that thought. I love you guys so very much and I hope that all goes well with you Dad in work with all that to do. That temple looks so cool. Caiden I sure love you too but and thanks for writing me. Keep reading the scrips. When I get home I am going to destroy you in soccer doing rainbows over you haha jk. Love you all.
Elder Brown
I forgot to put the letter for Maryn in your letter so I will send it next time. 
1. this is a recent convert and her fam who just left our ward because she moved. The little kid is so funny haha
Sorry this letter was so short. I was distracted by all the elders haha.

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