July 30, 2012

Familia y Amigos,
Como estai po locos? Elder Contreras has really taught me how to speak like a real Chilean. Ha, that is probably not a good thing. No one is going to be able to understand my Chilean Spanish. Everything is very well here in Calle Calle, or street street in english, ha. First off, yes mother, I did get my package on Tuesday. I think I got it a little later because our zone leaders didn't go pick up the mail the week before. I loved everything inside. The things to give to people are super awesome! I love them. As well as all the treats, there is not much left haha. Oh mom, if you havn't sent the package yet, a tie would be awesome. I sure love ties.
Oh my goodness, I can not believe that Elisa is going to get married!! WOW that is so crazy. My first date ever, hahahha, that is so crazy. If you see her tell her congrats. Yes, I did get Whitney's letter this week. Along with one from Rick, the young women of the stake, and Kenzie Bullock. Sounds like your week was a blast. Oh man, did I love to see those pics of Strawberry. I love that place. It looks like the camp out was a success, the fishing not so much ha thats ok. The lake looked pretty dry. Wow, everyone is getting married. Dana, Elisa, Dalton - who is next? It's got to be my sister hahaha. Come on Lacee, go find me an awesome brother in law.
Ok now for some of the questions. There usually isn't that many Elders doing email at the same time. Today I am sitting in a huge mall doing my email. It is a big mall. We are starting our 4th week of the cambio today crazy huh. There are some great members here, just really few ha. We had 30 in the iglesia (church) this week. The bishop has been bishop for 8 YEARS ha crazy huh. It is because there is no one to take his spot. Poor guy, but he is a good bishop so no worries. I take lots of pics, I just send you a few of the good ones. The problem is we can't take pics while working so I don't get to take as much as I want. No, I haven't developed any, wait I lie, I did once to give to members before I left Rahue.
This week was good. Thursday in the morning we got a call from the zone leaders saying we had interviews with president Rappleye in an hour, then all of the sudden I hear some knocking on our fence in front of the house. I look out the window and guess who I saw, The three APs haha Elder Nelson, E. Coria, and E. Carmen, all my good buds came by to pay me a visit in the morning haha. It was awesome. I got a pic so I will send it your way. Then we went and had our normal interviews with president. It was great. I love talking to that guy, he has a lot of knowledge to pass on to me. While E. Contreras was in his interview, I used Sister Rappleye's iphone to call Elder Larsen, who I was in the mtc with, to see how he was doing. It was awesome to talk to him a bit. I got to talk to Elder Cowley earlier when he called me one day. We had a good week of work. We had challenged 3 people to be baptized, but then one of them moved away so now it's just two. I am hoping to be able to put 3 more with a baptism date this week. The work is coming along. The problem we are now having is getting people to church. That's what we are focused on this week.
Mom, I loved that qoute you sent me about choosers, that was really cool. Dad, that talk you sent me was amazing. Wow, I loved it. I learned so much. Selfishness is behind almost every sin that we commit as humans. If we can cut out the selfishness in our lives we can also rid ourselves of almost all sin. That is cool. Selflessness is key to missionary work and pretty much any kind of teaching at all. As I read that talk one thing I really realized is the selfless service I have seen others give to me through out my life. Especially my good parents. The selfless service you have given me has made me into the person I am today as well as has created a bond between us that even though we are far away will always be there. As well as the awesome leaders and friends that I have in my life that have taught, served, and loved me selflessly. I am so blessed. I feel like I am surrouned by amazing people. Shout out to all those who have sacrificed loads for me to be out here whether it was your money, teaching, or just your support. Shout out to all my boys out on missions. I sure love you all, keep working hard you are all great examples to me. I can't believe that Trent dies soon wow time flies. I love you all very much thanks for your emails.
Elder Brown
1. My three buds, the AP'S. I think you know who they all are.
Here is some advice for you my good buddy. Get working hard on football when you get back. I sure miss that game. Get out there and work hard. It will pay off. When I get back me and you are going to train together and get big ha. As well as read the scrips ha.
Elder Brown

Sorry, I will write you all next week.

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