August 13, 2012

Hola lo major familia y amigos en todo el mundo,

Wow, I am going to tell the truth and say that this week was a tuff one, but ended really good and all is well. I will tell you more about that later in the email. First things first. Sounds like it was a busy week trying to make things work there in the kitchen and booting Lacee out of the house, ha. Dad has always been good at finding a way to make things work. It was super good to see pics of football. I sure do love that game. Caiden is tight end now huh!!!! That is cool. He should just move to defensive end then as well, ha. It's the best spot on the field. He would have to gain a lot of weight though, ha. I can't believe school is going to start so soon, that is so crazy, little lurp nation Caiden is going to be going to high school. I can't believe how time flys and people grow.

Well, now for some of your questions mother. I don't remember High School being all that much of a change. Caiden, it has all to do with whether you are willing to put in your part and work. If you do that, High School will be a breeze, as well as you will learn a lot. It's all about doing the work that you are asked to do. So DO WORK! Mom, to send letters it is the same address. I would love to send my card home with Elder Nelson, but I have no idea how I would get it to him in this next week. It would be pretty tuff. I am not sure if I could do it. I have no idea about the cambios, we should know by next Monday. I can't remember any of the other questions, sorry.

Well, now to tell you about the week. First thing that happened was pretty crazy. So, Tuesday after district meeting we did an intercambio. Our district leader came with me to my sector and E. Contreras went with the comp of the district leader to his sector. We did that and I was with E. Trejo. We went and ate lunch and then as we were going to leave the house E. Trejo got a call. It was President Rappleye. He called to tell E. Trejo that he was going to be part of an emergency transfer and was going to a new sector to be Branch President. He was going to die he was so nervous, it was funny. So we had to change back to our normal companionships so that Elder Trejo could pack because he left the next day. The problem was our district was left without a leader, but right after the phone call to Elder Trejo our phone rang and it was President Rappeye. He told me he was going to call E. Contreras as district leader and that I needed to help and support him to do a good job. I was really happy to hear that because I have wanted to see E. Contreras progress really badly and I had been trying all I could to help him do so. Well, I have seen a change in my companion since he was called. He has been working harder and has begun to forget more of himself and go to work. I am so happy to see it. It was just the kick in the pants that he needed, ha. Well, for the rest of the week it was really tuff. We are struggling to find more people to teach. But, we are working hard and we will keep doing so and we will find people to baptize because for that reason we are here. I don't know what happened to my body since I got to Calle Calle, but Friday I must have ate something bad and Saturday my stomach was sick. We went to a meeting with the Zone leaders to talk about being a leader and I had to leave now and then to throw up in the bathroom, ha. But by night I was all good eating, empanadas that Abraham's grandma gave us ha. It was just the beggining of the day that was bad. I am all good once again, ha. We finished off the week very good though, with 2 INVESTIGATORS at church POR FIN (Finally)! Ha, it was great. I love having people in church. Mariluz and Lidia (grandma of Abraham) went to church and I was so happy. Good way to finish off the week.

Well family, I sure do love you all. One thing that I have learned this week... well, actually I always knew it, I just never applied, but Dad always told me this. The way we react to situations and other people has nothing to do with others, but everything to do with oursleves. We choose whether to get mad, annoyed, or frustrated. Others don't make us do it. It's our choice. With people, with problems, with trials, it's all the same. We choose how we act - no one else chooses for us. So, if we don't like to be mad - don't get mad. If you don't like to feel annoyed - don't get annoyed. I feel like I learn deep complex doctrines, but really, I just come to understand the simple things that my parents always told me. Ha, it's like uncovering simple doctrines that make all the difference. I sure do love you all.
Con mucho amor y con todo kariƱo y respeto, (With much love and with complete love and respect) (This is what the drunks always say to us before asking for something, haha)
Elder Brown

I just love your little boys ha. I can't get enough of them and hearing about what they say and do ha. I love you so much and your fam.
Elder Brown

Thanks for the email. You need to send me your new address so I don't send your letter to the wrong direction. Do it fast so I can send the letter fast. I am glad you got to go visit my wonderful fam and see the great truck as well. Thanks for the pics.
Elder Brown

1. This is a white board I carry around in my back pack to teach, ha, and that is a picture that a member kid drew of me while I was teaching him english haha.

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