August 20, 2012

Querido Familia y Amigos,

WOW, do I have some news for you all! Before I tell you guys about the week, I first have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome Dad. I sure do love you Dad, you are still super joven (young) so don't even worry about it. I love you so much Dad. I can honestly say that the person that I am right now is thanks to the things that my Dad taught me, and of course, my mother. I can remember so many times being sent to my room for fighting and then 15 minutes later hearing my Dads footsteps coming down the hall to have a chat with me. Dad, you taught me so many things that maybe I didn't realize then, but things that I would use here in the mission and I am sure for the rest of my life. Many times here in the mission my thoughts went back to those times when you taught me important things that I have tried my best to apply here in the mission. I am so greatful for your humble, loving example to me Dad. My whole life I have always wanted to be like my Dad. Just like the one time we went hunting together and I had to wear camoflage just like you, and I just slightly remember a time when we went to hunt and I was following behind you with my little plastic bow and looking up to see my huge Dad with his huge bow and just having the desire to be just like you. I am so grateful for you Dad, and I am grateful that you were born on Friday 53 years ago, ha.

Well, I guess I should probably tell you about the cambios (transfers). President called Saturday to tell Elder Contreras to pack up because he was changing to across the street, haha. He is changing from zone Calle Calle to zone Valdivia, haha. They are right next to each other. He is going to be district leader there. Then the phone was passed to me. President said, "well, you're going to be District leader there in Calle Calle now". He said it was going to be a little more responsibilty for me, but that he knew I could do it. Then after saying that he told me that I will be receiving a fresh one straight from the factory, haha. I am going to be a Dad! Ha, I am actually really excited to train a new guy. His name is Elder Jensen. I think and he is from California. It's going to be great and we are going to work our little bums off and work some miracles here in Calle Calle. I am looking forward to a lot of hard times, but with that, a lot of chances to progress and grow. So bring on the growing experiences, I am all about learning now ha. So that is my news for this week. The work was a little tuff this week with no one who showed up to the church again. But we are just going to help them understand the importance of commitments.

Mother, with all the things that you are telling me I feel like the whole world is changing back there at home. First, that all those girls that seemed so young to me are now headed off to college, that Zane is going to be driving Caiden to HIGH SCHOOL, Hannah Hill is getting married, friends are getting home from missions soon!!!!!!!!!! Oh WOW, what has happened with the time. I can't believe it. My world is changing like crazy. I will just stick to the mission life though. I don't have to worry about anything else but the work of the Lord. There is nothing better.

For your questions mother: We go to bed at 11 p.m., a little different from other missions. Yes, I sleep good because, yes, we walk a ton!!!! I have not seen any package yet. I felt great the whole week ha. I don't know what has happened with my body, but all is well now. I got letters from Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Kristi with the wedding invitation of Dalton. I can't believe it!!! So many changes. Also, a letter from Sister Thomas in therapy. I thank them all for their letters, and really, I have felt the strength of the prayers of many on my behalf and to hear from so many people words of encouragement just makes me want to work even harder. I sure do love this work. I am so very thankful for everyone who remembers me in their prayers and sends me words of strength. Please keep those prayers coming because I am going to need a lot of help from on high these next two cambios here as Disrtict leader and trainer. I love you all so very much.
Elder Brown

Britt and Caiden, thanks for the emails, but I am running out of time. I sure do love you all. I can't believe Caiden has now entered high school. Thanks for the thought Britt, it was awesome.

Thanks for the email. I read the whole thing and I will send your letter as fast as I possibly can. I loved hearing from you.
Elder Brown

OK, I will just send the letter to Maryn then. Thanks for telling me, Hope all is well.
Elder Brown

1. Those are little fruit snacks that are shaped like dolphins called flipys. Elder Contreras is addicted and now I am starting to be too.
2. Family Mancilla, they are members and we have family nights with the sometimes. They're great.

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