August 27, 2012


Oh man I just want to start out and tell you all how much I love you all. Man I grew up surrounded by greatness like that book by Chad lewis. Wow thanks for all the birthday wishes I am so greatful to all who have thought of me and supported me all through out my mission so far. Sis. Noris thanks for the birthday gift. As well as any one else who sent their love or anything of the sort haha. I am just so full of love for all of you I don´t even know how to explain it.

Well for some of the questions. First off my companion Elder Jensen was born big, meaning that he came already prepared and experienced, ha! First off he speaks Spanish as good as me haha. He took 3 years of Spanish including AP, as well as all his bros (3 of them) speak Spanish. He has so much excitement for the work. I have no doubt that I got the best kid of the batch of like 20 that got here ha. We are going to do some great things here in Calle Calle together. Mom yes I did get that card from Aunt Vicky THANKs but no I have got nothing from that art place which really really bums me out. I hope it gets here somehow. District leader is going well. I havn´t done much but taken the numbers from my district and called them for any news. Dad we are just 4 in my district we are small. We are a small zone we are 14 in our zone with 3 districts Elder Anderson being one of the other district leaders. We have like 12 zones in the mission, some bigger then others. Every thing is going super well here. That is so funny mother that you met Emily Heath. If you see her again you will have to tell her hi. I can´t believe that I am getting so old. Ha, it's crazy I don´t know what to do.

Alright so I have so much to tell you all and so little time to do it. So on Tuesday we got a call from the zone leaders saying that we needed to go to the bus station at 6 to pick up two other elders who were going to stay the night with us, and then me and those two were going to go to Osorno together to go get our children ha. So since we had another elder with us that day Elder Burgos because his comp. He had to leave for his cambio early since he was going to the office. Me and Elder Burgos went to the bus station while Elder Contreras stayed with Abraham to go say bye to all the members and investigadors. So we get to the bus station and low and behold guess what two elders were waiting for me there. My great buddy E. Sprenkle from my first zone and even crazier E. Rytting who graduated with me at Timp and we played football together for awhile. It was a joyous reunion to say the least. I was so happy. So we went back to the house and split up and worked 3 companionships in our little sector. I went with E. Rytting. We were remembering all sorts of memories ha. Even better we found a new investigator, a girl of 12 and all her family are members except her. We challenged her to be baptized and she said yes. It was awesome. Who would have thought or imagined when me and Elder Rytting were sitting in high school class talking together, or out at football practice chatting, that we would be walking together as missionaries working for the Lord challenging people to be baptized. How awesome is that. Wow it was cool. We woke up at 5 to get to Osorno at 9 for our meeting. We met there with all the greenies and trainers and had a little meeting about the training program. But story doesn´t end there. As we were finishing up eating completos, who shows up? All the elders that were dying and going home, which means. E. Nelson. Coria, Purser, and Turner. Wow it was so awesome to be able to see all those guys. We talked for a good amount of time and reminisced a lot. Thats not it. I asked President if he would let me take a little hop over to Rahue to visit my converts and he said yes but to keep it on the down low. So me and Elder Jensen headed over there and I was so happy to be able to see some of my converts and share my love for them and encourage them to work for the temple. Wow what a blessing. Then we came back here to Calle Calle and got to work. Now here we are and everything is going great. We are going to do some big time miracles here and Elder Jensen is just super excited to go out and work. Tomorrow I will doing the class for my district in district meeting we will see how that goes. Well that's about all I got. I sure love you all. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. Everyone wants me to come over to their house to eat on my birthday, so hopefully we can still get some work done. Love you all.
Elder Brown

Britt, Wade,
Ha Wade that story about the music from EFY made me laugh so hard because I know that is exactly how it will be for me to after the mish ha thats so funny. I sure do love the mish though. Thats to bad about the leg. Sounds like the fam just keeps growing like crazy though. I can barely believe it. Bridger is talking a bit and looks huge. Blake seems like his personality just keeps growing. I sure do love those kids.
Elder Brown

Hey just send me that address when you get it. I still haven´t been able to send your letter sorry I am almost done though ha I might send yours and Maryn's together to if that's ok.

Elder Brown

1. 3 generations
2. There is my child
3. So many dying elders I can´t believe it

Nachito los colores eran azul oscuro, verde, y gris

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