September 3, 2012

Hola mi maravillosa familia y amigos,
Les querio muchisimo, vosotros soís los mejores familiares y amigos en todo el mundo. No prodria haber recibido mejores (You are the best family and friends in the world, I could not have had any better). What a great Birthday here in the mission. I have been tripping out a little bit every time I have been reminded of how much time has passed by and how fast time keeps flying by. It is so crazy. First off, family, you are the best. I got the package on Tuesday, the day before, and waited till Wednesday morning to open it like a good boy. WOW, so much stuff! I love everyting! The ties could not have been better picked, I love them. My family and friends really know me because everything was perfect. The music, oh man, you can not get better than a little country church music. The ring is sweet. The huge bag of Swedish Fish and Bottle Caps, WOW, how could you know me any better?! Also , the cool bag for toiletries, it's all exactly what I needed and wanted. You are amazing all of you. Mom I love you so much. I know you were the head of putting all that together. What a Mother and woman, who raised me. It's a good thing I got the best, because anything less and I might not have turned out. The best was needed to raise me, and that's exactly what I got.
Just a little comment: I have been amazed to hear all the stories and testimonies of my friends. It's crazy to see the amount of growth among us all. I could barely hold in my emotions of excitement and love for my friends as I heard their stories, testimonies, and growths. I want to give a shout out to all of them: Elder J stew, E Dox the Fox, E Richard Dowd, E Trentikans Howard (almost dead can't believe it, AP!!!!!! I can believe it), E Terry, E Burdett (pretty much Mexican now), E Porter, E Skousen, E White and so many more. We are really an Army. I love you all. Keep working hard and building the kingdom all over the world. Thanks for all your great examples to me.
Ok, now for some quick thanks. First off, again, with my wonderful family, thanks for the package. Also, I got both things from ArtsCow, thanks Brit, they are awesome. Jenna, thanks a ton for the tie. It is super awesome - I love it. Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. Aunt Vicky, one of the most amazing aunts ever, for your letter and money. Tres, for your awesomeness, I am sad to hear he left the Young Mens. Just goes to show that I really was surrounded by the greatest ( All the new guys are awesome too). Natalie, for the way sweet cookies. You sure know me well, too. Everyone else who sent me their wishes for my b-day. I love you all!!!! (Mother, yes I can change money here very easily)
Ok, now for a little on what happened this week. Wow, everyone wanted to celebrate my birthday. I had my fair share of little celebrations. First, Estafani and her fam ( stef is a member the rest aren't) they love us and did an awesome little party for me with tons of food, balloons, cake and fake candles that wouldn't go out - that tricked me haha. Also, mamita gave us cake. The familia Mancilla as well had a party ready for me with completos and cake with real candles haha. I was well taken care of and felt the love from all over Chile, the states and maybe even other places ha. Besides birthday stuff it's been a crazy week. First, I lead my first district meeting this week. I felt like it went really good and at least I enjoyed the meeting haha. I hope others did as well. We talked a lot about attitude and how we can do better in our contacts because the standard is to do 140 every week, not how we should be doing them to get the numbers, but to get to know them and try to help them realize by applying the gospel it can help them with any need or challenge they have. Other news, we have been working on all the stuff and pains of changing Mamitas...... I am very sad. I sure loved Mamita Mabel, but she has done it for 20 years and I think she was ready for a rest from all her selfless service she gave to us and focus a little more on giving it to others now ha. So we struggled to find someone to take us in. Then one day suddenly, at about 7:20 in the morning I hear a yell outside our gate. I look out to see a very sweaty, breathing hard E Contreras and his comp. They had run to our house for exercise to tell us that their Mamita was really close and that we could come eat with them. So that's what we did and we met her today. So everything worked out and we won't be going hungry like we were thinking we might have to for a little bit. A little bit on the work. We are working hard and searching a lot for new people. We have been knocking a lot and contacting as many as we possibly can. It has been a struggle, but we are slowly beginning to see the fruits of hard work and obedience. We will continue to work harder and harder and obey with even more exactness and I know that the miracles will come. I love missionary work. Nothing better than a good hard day of mission work.
I cannot believe that Caiden separated his shoulder. Why would you let some kid do that to you? I am not a fighter, but when I was on the football field I didn't let kids treat me like that. You just need to show those kinda guys that you don't grab my face mask or your hand is going to get torn off of there, haha. Sorry bud about your shoulder. I hope you can punch through the pain and get back out there on the field to go knock some kids on their bums with that skinny body of yours haha.
Now for a little bit of my testimony: I am so used to always leaving everyone with at least a little spiritual thought that I can't not do it with everything I do ha. One thing that I keep realizing more and more is the wonderful and amazingly perfect plan that God has given us. He gave us agency, the ultimate tool, to help us to grow, but understood the huge responsibility that would put on us. Knowing that we could not blame outside factors for the bad choices we would make, he sent His Son, our Savior, to pay for those mistakes and pains so we could be cleansed and pure to be worthy of the presence, guidance, and empowering help of the Holy Ghost, who can help us to rise to the huge responsibility of free agency and become like our Savior Jesus Christ. Like E. Porter said, "with his face engraven in ours". And as my great friend E J Stew so perfectly expressed of his gratitude for the atonement and the opportunity it gives us to locate our weaknesses and become better. I share the same gratitude with my good amigo ha. I love you all. Thanks for your many prayers, thoughts, and all your love.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Brown
1. Birthday celebrations in the house of Estafani

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