September 15, 2012

I don't know if you guys forgot or just didn't understand in my last email, that I had to write today, Saturday, because this next week is a national holiday for the Independence of Chile and everything is going to be closed Monday. I hope that everything is well there at home and that all are just doing great. I don't have any questions to answer or comments to make about something that was said, so, this letter might be a bit shorter ha.
We had an awesome week this week and it is still not over!! We have begun to teach 2 new familias and they are both pretty darn sweet. In our zone conference we talked a lot about focusing on familias and hombres because they are the strength of the church and the power that allows the church to grow. We talked a lot about some pretty scary statistics about the inactive members in Chile and how if we can only start focusing more on baptizing familias the inactivity rate will go down a ton! So, this last week we have been praying and working super hard to try and find those familias and hombres that the Lord has prepared to hear the message of the Restoration. Look what we found, 2 familias!!!!! BAKAN!!!! We are working with them both and hopefully, as soon as possible, we can help both of them accept baptismal dates and begin to really progress. Wow, the Lord sure does answer our prayers. So, we will continue to pray super hard and work even harder to work some mighty miracles and help both these familias progress. I am super excited to see what goes down. We decided that it is our choice to make this sector the sector celestial. It is our fault if it doesn't become that because God has trusted us with this area and has given us everything we need to bless people's lives, now it's all on us to go out there and make it happen. Obviously we go with the strong companionship of the Holy Ghost, for if it wasn't for him and the divine help that the Lord gives us missionaries, especially with me, I would be just a bum knocking doors just like I did before the mission selling the football cards that were worth nothing. Thank goodness this message is worth everything and on top of that we have the strong divine power of the Holy Ghost to guide and direct us and bare testimony of us. I am super grateful for that because I wouldn't do much with out it. The work is going super good here and it is just going to keep getting better and better with more and more hard work.
Other than that I am not sure if I can think of much else to tell everyone. This next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we can't go out to work unless we have appointments that are set in stone, and the problem is no one wants to set appointments because they want to party all week for the Independence Day, which they don't just celebrate for one day but a whole entire week!!!!! Those Chileans are sure good at partying haha. So we might be studying a bunch there in the house ha. A few members have invited us over to celebrate with them, so we might go out to do that. Also, Monday the ward is going to have a little party so we will be over there for awhile.
Our new Mamita is so so so cool. Her food is the best, I love it. She made us pizza today. I think I might start to gain some weight back now haha. I sure hope so. I still miss our old mamita as well though because I loved her so much. We do still go to visit her quite a bit and turns out that her family has now turned into our best source for future baptisms because we have recently started to teach or are going to begin teaching 2 of the boyfriends of the two daughters and the girlfriends of the son haha. Hey flirt to convert I guess, hahaha, not us missionaries but the members! 2 of the kids of mamita are inactive as of right now but as we keep teaching them and their partners we are going to be able to help them straighten things out as well as help their partners make a covenant with their Father in heaven. I sure do love this missionary work. I would not trade these experiences for anything in the world, especially would not trade it to be able to get "kicked out of a college football game"! I love the mission. The things I have learned and continue to learn have affected me and changed me so much and I know that it will continue to do so the rest of my life. I can't believe how time flys. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I said bye to my parents there on the curb in Provo, Utah. Now I have been to Peru, Rahue, and Valdivia and I have been completely changed and taught so much and my head is beginning to spin and I am sitting here wondering "wow what happened" haha. I am going to keep on living up every moment though. I love you all.
Elder Brown
1. There is the drunk guy that we found and he made us come in and take pics haha
2. Same
3 from awhile back when the old mamita gave  us cake for my b day
4 Casita
5 some kinda historical site ha i don´t know what for sure but cool huh
Sorry I am taking so long to send your letter. I am trying my very best! Send me an email though when ever you want and tell me where you live haha.
Elder Brown
Hno Turner,
I hope you read this man but I am so glad you wrote me. It's good to hear from you. Don't get married too fast ha.
Elder Brown
Hno Purser.
Oh my papa, thanks for writing me man. Make sure to keep updating me on everything. Go to BYU. Ha thanks for everything man.
Elder Brown OSO

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