September 24, 2012

Familia y Amigos,
Wow how great it is to hear from you. I love you all. It felt like it had been a long time since the last time I heard from you guys and I am so glad to hear that all is well. I sure am so amazingly greatful for the family and friends that I have. Almost everyday, at some point, I reflect on the blessings I have in my life and the one that always comes back to me is how I was raised surrounded by greatness. Like Dad said, starting out with grandparents who have set one of the best examples possible of a family centered in Jesus Christ and his gospel, and then all the way through the generations, of course, my amazing parents, brothers and sisters, leaders, neighbors, and my army of missionary friends. Wow, am I lucky or what!? God knew I was going to need a lot of help so he sent his very best to surround me and kick me in the bum back to where I needed to be whenever I took a bad step. Boy am I thankful for that.
Well, fam, it sounds like everything is going good there in the wonderful world of Utah Valley! I say that because it's a whole different world than here ha. I sure do love to see pics of those cute little boys that we call sabrinos. It's good to hear all about what's going on over there. I sure do miss that game of football. It's to bad BYU couldn't pull it out against Utah. Go Timp! It sounds like they are just rockin' it this year. I am glad to hear it. Darn TIMPVIEW, they need to stop being good. I am sick of them ha. I forgive you pops for sleeping in, you are for sure not the first one to do it. I think I have slept in many more times when I was supposed to be doing something for my fam haha I forgive you all, so don't even worry about it. That's so cool to hear about the new Temple. It looks like an awesome Temple on the outside, kinda like the Salt Lake without so many spires, it's cool. Tell my Grandpa happy b-day. I sure do love that man so very much. I was also glad to hear that you saw some pics on facebook of us during this last week of holidays.
Now for questions, we were able to do a bit of missionary work during the holidays. It was a lot harder because we could only work with set appoinments and no one wanted to set them for the holidays. Mom, I don't develop pics, I just have them all on my card here. I am still trying to decide how I will send them home, but for now I will just keep sending some through email and the rest you can see maybe in a year haha. Mother, all my clothes have held up really well. The insoles of my shoes have had it the worst and they are begginning to die ha. I haven't heard from many lately. I would like to hear from Shayla Gibb, Whitney Halford, Chris Thurman!!!!!, and many more that wrote me at the beggining and then died off haha.
Well, now for a little bit on the very interesting but awesome week. First the holidays: Mon., Tues., Wed. we only worked with set appointments and we ate so so so much. Wow, I was dying I was so full all the time ha. The holidays were awesome. We were still able to teach some, so that was good. There were some elders that were stuck in their houses all day long doing nothing haha. We ate lots of meat and empanandas, my two favortie things haha. Oh, I have a request for you all that is urgent. Well, more for Dad. I need you to send me the recipes for friendship cookies, banana oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip, our specially good recipes, because I have now made a deal with members that if they will invite friends to have family home evening in their house and invite us I promised I would make homemade cookies, American style, and the thing, is the first family of members made the deal and we have a home evening with them this Sunday and I don't remember from memory how to make those cookies. So, tonight could you send me those recipes Dad that would be awesome, but I need them like right now, haha, thanks pops. Ok, we are seeing all sorts of blessings here in Calle Calle. The work is moving right a long. We are teaching a family of 6 and they are all awesome. I am so excited and happy. We are finding like crazy here and we are just going to keep doing it. It suprises me how connected the success of your sector is with the faith that you have that you will find those who are prepared to listen. As soon as we can gain that faith and go out and show it in our work, the sector changes and we do find those people who are ready for the gospel right now. WOW, is that cool or what. Then for the real interesting news: Thursday night we got a call at 11:00 while getting into bed from Sister Rappleye saying that we needed to get out of bed because Elder Contreras was walking to our house because his comp. had run away!! Wow, that was a suprise. We got up and got some stuff ready and when he got there we then walked back to his house to sleep there just in case the comp. came back. Well, he never did and so we were a trio all weekend, back with my old comp once again. We even had a baptism in his sector, cool huh. Well, now Contreras is staying with the zone leaders and I haven't heard anything about his comp. I am not sure they have found him yet. Not too good. But the work is going great. I love you all so much and I know that this is the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ!! It's His, how blessed we are to be a part of it and to help others to come to know of what we know. I love you!
Elder Brown
Sorry other family members I am not going to be able to write you. But I love you all and am so glad to hear from you.  
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