October 15, 2012

Family, I am so sorry to say but I had just written almost my whole letter and then it all got deleted, and I am not going to lie - I feel terrible and frustrated, but now I don't have a lot of time. So, once again, I will real quickly give you a summary of my week. Thursday we had interviews with President, and I always look foward to those. It was great and Pres. told me that this next year will go by even faster, so that was kinda scary! I don't really like to hear that. Friday was the year mark, I can't believe it. It has gone by so fast, but I can honesty tell you, even though many have said it I will say it again, that it has been the best year of my life! I have enjoyed every single last bit of it and I am so happy to have another one to live up to the fullest in the work of the Lord.
In my first letter I had written a lot more about the year mark and a lot more about how I feel. Now I don't have a lot of time to do so, but I do want everyone to know that I sure am grateful for this time out here serving the Lord. I feel that I have grown so much and that I have learned a ton. There is still much to be done though, so I am very grateful for the coming year and I expect to put in everything that I've got.
We had a meeting as a zone Friday and learned what we could do better and we did a lot of role playing and practices. Mother, I am sorry to say that package has not gotten here yet. I am thinking that I will get it tomorrow. Friday night we were able to go to Natali and Guillermo's wedding. She is the daughter of our old Mamita and we are teaching Guillermo and we hope to be able to help him get baptized. I felt out of place as a missionary at a wedding reception. It was in the church though, so I felt a little better. I made sopapillas in the house the other day at night and they were pretty good. Friday morning Elder Jensen brought me out one with a candle on it and he sang me happy misson birthday! I just turned 1, how crazy is that! Ha, I also made a tie out of paper and wrote some stuff on it and we burned that for my year mark ha. It was pretty good. I will have to send pics next week.
Sorry about how bad this email is. My first one was super awesome! My favorite part about this week though was the chance that we had to visit the Patriarch and his sick wife twice this week. The first time I was able to give her a blessing and the second we were able to give them the sacrament, and in that house I felt one of the greatest Spirit of peace that I have ever felt. I could not really hold in my emotions. As I gave her the blessing it was very hard for me to control my emotions. The Spirit was very strong there. It made me want so badly to have that same Spirit in my home when I have my own home. What an amazing feeling it is. Also, I felt the Spirit strongly testify of the truthfullness of the sealing power that is found within the temple. I know for sure that that couple was sealed for all time and eternity, and even though that little old lady might pass away, that her husband and her will be an eternal unit forever. I know that is true. I felt it stronger than ever within that house. Wow, am I grateful for that. It was an amazing Spirit and experience. Well, sorry family, next week's will be better. I love you all. Thanks for all your prayers. 
Elder Brown

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