October 22, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,
First thing's first, I would love it Dad if you could add these few emails to your forward list. They are some buds from the mission and I have meant to add them forever but I always forget. key.alexander.ak@gmail.com  rhett.nelson24@gmail.com holylimflammers@yahoo.com nathan.turner@myldsmail.net. Ok, we are all good now ha. I am glad to hear that all is going well. I sure do love to hear about what's been happening there at home. The craziest thing is that my bud Trenticans is home now. Mom, I sure hope you told him to wait for me to get home before he gets married. I can't believe that every single one of my super good buds is on the downward slope of the mission, month by month, more and more are going to be getting home. It's also good to hear that the Stewart's have a bigger kitchen now. More space for us all to do quesadillas now hahaha. It's also good to hear a little bit about the sports pops, so thanks for the update. It seems like such a short time ago that it was senior night for me, but that was 3 years ago!!!!! WOW!!
Ok, now for some question answering. First off mother, I don't know if I need any gifts to give to people. I have a lot still. I give them out sparingly. Unless you think of something really clever and cute, you don't need to worry about that. Ok, now for Christmas haha, the hardest question of all. Maybe some insoles for shoes. Uhhhhh what else, haha One of those picture calendars for next year maybe ha. Treats...... This is so hard ha. Stuff to help me memorize scrips haha no se.
Ok, a little bit about the week now. At the beginning of the week it was looking like this week was going to be our best week for teaching lessons ever. We had a ton of appointments set and with the help of members and everything. I called to make sure everything was good with everyone a day before and then the morning of and guess what happens? THEY ALL FELL THROUGH!!! I could not believe it. At the end of a few days I just sat in awe at how many appointments had fallen through after all the work we put in to get them super set. I learned a great lesson from this. We can do all that we can and try to make something work, but if we don't remember that it all depends on the Lord we will start and end the day in vain. We will not get nearly a tenth of what the Lord can get done through us. What we made into a smudge, the Lord, through us if we seek the guidance of the spirit, will make a masterpiece of us and through us. We must rely on the Lord as we strive to do all we can. Now for a funny story: It's a custom for many people here to get into watching conspiracy theories on youtube and I have always heard comments of these videos and how dumb they are, but I really didn't realize how many people really believe the things they see there on the internet. Just for one quick example, even though I have many, a slightly drunk man stopped us last night to tell us that we had pretty faces and that we were good people and then after 45 minutes of him talking to us, he told me how Joseph Smith and his restoration was a plan made with the government and the CIA to gain power over other countries, and that how I was a member of the CIA with no feelings, that through the antenna in the church we send secret info to the states haha. There is just a little taste of the many things that one hears on the mission haha. The best part about this week though was yesterday. We were able to see 5 investigators in church, more than I have ever had here in Calle Calle. We were all content, as well as the members and the Bishop. The Bishop expressed his gratitude to us after a lunch and told us that he knew we were working our hardest and encouraged us to keep doing so. I was glad to see the members of the church and the Bishop so happy and excited about the many miracles that are beginning to happen here in the little ward of Calle Calle.
Well, that is about all I have for this week. I know that the Lord is mindful of each one of us and as we strive to follow Him and do what He commands He blesses His children. He loves us. We can become like Him thanks to His atonement and much diligence in developing His attributes. I love you all. Oh, and mother, I have not got the package due to a holiday last week, but I believe I will get it tomorrow.
Elder Brown 
Saludos a todos los x elderes de la mision chile osorno. I hope all is well. Wait for me before you get married haha.
1. We take the scriptures literally when it says to thrust in your sickle with all your might.
2. My tie that I burned at one year haha creative huh?

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