October 8, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,

WOW is all I have to say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That conference was amazing; I can barely believe how fast it went by. I was trying to soak up every last drop of revelation that I possibly could and it just blew by. I left the church thinking to myself two things: 1. conference is the best and goes by way fast, 2. receiving revelation makes you tired, haha because I was super tired right after leaving. Trust me though I was wide awake for every single session.

Before I say anything else I want to direct my words to my broski Caiden. What an amazing chance that you have to prepare right now as hard as you possibly can to leave out on your mission as soon as you turn 18. Wow, do I wish I could have done that. It is an amazing announcement that will change the growth of the church. Caiden, get it done right now - start preparing. Read the scrips, but really study them, pray every day all throughout the day. Go to church with the desire to learn something. Caiden please prepare, there is no better choice than this. The mission is the best thing in the world. Shall we not go on in so great a cause? That was repeated several times this weekend. It is true there is no better cause than this. I promise. Love you bud go get it done.

Yeah ok, that's it for that. I sure do hope to hear of a lot of girls heading out too. How cool is that. We watched that first part in Spanish and I think the members thought I was weird because I was flippen out when I heard that, haha how cool is that!!! We watched the first two talks in Spanish because of technical difficulties and then everything was fixed and we were able to go to our gringo room and watch it in good ole English. All the gringo elders in the zone together, what a great sight, I thought. Ten 19 to 21 year olds sitting in a little room, eyes fixed firmly on a TV with a bunch of old men speaking. That's what it looks like from the outside. It's much bigger from the inside. Young men earnestly listening to inspired men called of God to direct us and correct us, so we can become like Christ, have joy in this life , and live with God again after this life. WOW. I love it.

Question time...
I have not got the package yet, but hope to get it this week. I do hear from Jenna still, it has been awhile though. Jenna you better get on that haha. The weather is getting better here, but there still are bad days. It changes a lot here. I don't really notice rain now haha. I just need insoles for one pair, my Johnson and Murphy pair. That's all the questions I can remember but before I forget I have a request. Dad, if you could please add to your list of forwards this email camilo.valderas@myldsmail.net thank you.

I cannot tell you a favorite talk because I had too many. I will real fast tell you a couple things that I loved from off the top of my head. Elder Nelson's "ask the missionaries" talk haha for obvious reasons that did put a lot of pressure on us though, I loved that. Elder Uchtdorf's talk, one quote that I remember was we can become who we want to be in the future by following Christ today. I sure hope to do that in my life because I have a lot of becoming to do ha. Elder Perry when he said something like this about his mother, I will say it in my own words, It is a great privilege and huge responsibility to be called the son of Tye Brown, because there is a greatness to live up to and represent. Love you mother. President Monson in priesthood said quoting someone else "Don't you know leopards can't change their spots? Well, it's a good thing I don't work with leopards, I work with men and they change every day". That is a great missionary lesson. He said we must look at men not as they are but as what they can become. Perfect for me to learn and apply. Of course, one of my favs was Elder Holland because he is just bomb ha. One of the greatest things I got out of conference and I feel like many said something of the sort, that it is all about knowing, doing, and becoming. I love that we must achieve true real growth, and never go back to our old ways. There is a lot of work to do. I look forward to becoming all that I can. I need those talks as fast as possible haha.

This week of work was awesome. We are seeing progress in our investigators. We hope to see baptisms in the end of this month. I know that as we keep working the way we are and look forward with faith that we will have success no matter where you are. One family that we are teaching is doing good. We just really need to help them gain a testimony.

Well, I sure do love you all. I just want you all to know that I know that this is the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have asked in prayer and have been told by the feelings of the Holy Ghost. I love this missionary work with all my heart. I cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the affect it has had on me so far. As well that same gratitude I feel for the many people who have shaped my life. My parents and brother and sisters, my friends, bishops, leaders, the apostles and prophet, and many many more. I hope to continue to grow as I seek to do the Lord's will. Please pray for me to be able to do so. I know that that is the only way to true growth is following the Lord and his will through all trials for he will guide us to the places, and experiences we need to become who he wants us to become. Trust in him he is perfect, he will guide us to who we can be. I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH.

Elder Brown

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