December 10, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Wow, does time fly or what?! Lacee made me really think about that when she said that she will have been home for a whole year this next month. That is crazy! I feel kinda old as a missionary now, but then again, it seems like just yesterday that I got here to Chile. This week I will also be completing 1 year in Chile, crazy!!!!! Sounds like the Christmas season is in full swing there in O town. It sure is here in Pangi now, considering how fast that three of us got packages this week ha. Yep mom, you don't have to worry, it got here, as well as the present from Britt from ArtsCow. Dad, that is so cool that you get to go work in Kanab. I sure do love that place. I remember one of the last days that I spent there in Kanab before coming out in the mission. We were with the whole fam out behind Matt's house and I just sat there looking around knowing that I wouldn't be back there for 2 years, or see a lot of my fam for 2 years, and I got emotional. I think I hid it pretty well and I don't think anyone saw me ha. I sure do love my FAM and Kanab.
That is so cool that Kenz is going to Honduras! Tell her congrats from me, and good luck with Spanish, but that it's not too hard when you've got the Lord on your side helping you. That's the only way I learned Spanish. Even with the amazing help from sister Burdett, I still needed the help of the Lord to get it through my thick head. I can't find my vitamins mom. I don't know where they went, sorry. I can't remember any other questions, sorry. I will get to work on my tooth then this week.
Alright, now a little for my week. It was a very interesting one and a little hard, but that's alright we are going to get it done this week. Monday at 6 we got a call from the office saying that Elder Moreno had to go to Santiago to do stuff for his visa and that he had to leave in like an hour, ha, so we rushed to get him off. We were here in the whole city as a trio, trying to work in two sectors and it had it's toll on the work, but we kept working hard and we had a good time, us three together. Elder Moreno got back on Friday and we were able to get some more done. On Sunday we ate with a family of members and the mom has been a member for almost 50 years. She has 2 kids that live in Orem and Provo haha how cool is that?! Her daughter and her family live there behind Target ha. We had a good time talking a little bit about my good old home. She has visited Orem like three times. Right now I can't think about much more that happened this week, but I know that more happened.
Now for the work. We are doing good and still just working with the same investigators trying to help the family get married and we are teaching a lot of youth of 19 to 21 years old that are all really interested. They seem to all be related here in Pangi - it's kinda funny. We have a lot of great people that are listening to us and we are just really excited about the people here in Pangi. They are so nice and I love them. Something that I was studying a little bit this week was the difference between sacrificing our will and consecrating it, and the difference between the two. Sacrifice is when our will bites the bullet when we do the Lord's will but we hold on to our will. Consecrating our will is to drop and forget our will entirely and to grab ahold of the Lord's and make it ours. When we do that the Lord blesses us a hundred fold as it says in Matt 19:26, I believe but am not sure ha. "He who forsakes father, mother, brother, sister, truck, good food, and friends for my sake will receive a hundred fold" That was the Elder Brown translation, just so you all know. I hope to be able to become that kind of missionary who drops all else to do the Lord's will, to make my will His will, so that I can do what he wants me to do so that he can bless others through me. I love the work of the Lord. I have no doubt of its truthfulness. I know that Jesus Christ knows how to help us to overcome weaknesses that seem to swallow us up. I have experienced that help. I am trying to sing that redeeming song every day out here in Chile. 
I love you all so much.
Elder Brown
Dear Jenna,
If you can tell me your birthday that would be great because I forgot..... I am a terrible person I am so sorrry ha.
Elder Brown
Brother Turner I love you my brother from another mother haha thanks for the email.
Elder Brownsito

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