December 3, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos.

It is so great to hear from all of you. I can not express how much love I feel for you all. Thanks for always remembering me and praying for me out here. The prayers are always needed. I can't remember much of the questions that you asked me because it has been a crazy day and you will see why from the pic that I just attached. I will tell you more about that later.

Here are my answers to the questions that I remember: No, we are not close to the office. We are like 5 or 6 hours from there. Sadly, I never see my bud Elder Anderson. My tooth is not bugging me yet but the office can't do much to help me because they are far away. I have to pay it will my own money and from what I have found so far it will be like 50 dollars for a silver filling and like 80 or 90 for a white one. I don't know what to do. What do you think. I haven't heard from anyone really at all, ha, but no biggy, we are just out working hard and getting things done out here. Oh ya, where is your friend Tanya from?

Well now, for a bit on down here in Chile. Everything is going really well. We are just working hard, walking up and down hills and teaching lots. We have been finding a lot of good people and we are working with a lot of people that I am pretty sure will be able to get baptized here in December. We are looking foward to a really good month. Elder Renshaw and me are getting along great. I think it has something to do with the fact that he is just like my good old friend Rick Doxey. I am always laughing with him. We are just enjoying working hard together while laughing all along the way. We have been working a lot with Luis and Vitalia and their son Bastian. They are talking and praying about whether they should get married or not. I sure am hoping that they can get that answer and folow it. They are awesome and I love them so much. Vitalia invited us to come with them to dedicate the grave of her mom, who died 3 years ago in a fire that burned down their whole house and left them with nothing. Vitalia asked me to dedicate it and I felt so blessed to do so. Another great experience here in the mission. They are so great and have gone through so many hard things and I know this is what they need and search for. Other than that there is not much to tell you about except for what we did today.

Today we went to a place called Huilo Huilo, and wow was it worth it, going in the pouring rain!!!! Wow, was it pretty. I am not sure if I have been to a place prettier than that. I was amazed and all I could do was stand there and stare ha. It was amazing. I am not going to lie, the pics don't do it justice. I was able to organize for a member to take us so it would be cheaper. We went as most of the zone, there was 10 of us, and it was awesome. SO WORTH IT.

Well, I always love to hear from all of you. I can't believe about all the people getting home from missions, going out on missions, and getting married. There is a new person in every single one of those groups every week. It is crazy. I sure do love all of you and I am so glad to hear from all of you. Dad, that is so cool that you get to go work in Kanab. Caiden, way to go on your game. Britt, I sure do love your fam and I can't wait to hug those two little boys of yours. Mom, I sure do love you and want to tell you that everyone that sees your pic when I show them my fam asks me... IS THAT YOUR MOM???? She is so young, they say, ha! They say you look like my older sister. I love you Mom!!! As well as everyone else. Sorry if this letter is a little short. I know that this is the Lord's work. I have never been happier doing anything else. I can not express the amount of gratitude I have towards my mission, the things I have learned and all the things I can and need to still learn. I love you all.

Elder Brown

1. Huilo Huilo waterfall
2. Only in the Grand mission Chile Osorno
3. One of my favorite treats here in Chile "La Bachata", but don't worry we all shared those haha

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