February 18, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

I love to hear from all of you and to hear that are all doing good. It makes me sad to hear that those little boys are sick. I would love to give them both a big huge hug, but that can wait a little bit longer. I sure do love those boys. That's so cool that you wrote that paper for Grandma pops. She surely does deserve that. She is one amazing woman. I love her so much. She, more than maybe anyone else alive, has knitted lives together. The Brown family is pretty tight knit even with the great numbers that we have. What an amazing blessing it is to be a Brown, and to have a grandma like Grandma Brown. There is no better!!!!

Well Mother, I am happy to let you know that I got the box, and really, you are the best mom. You always do too much for me. I never need so much but you just keep giving. I couldn't love you more Mama. Mother, I really couldn't tell you which sector has been my favorite. I love them all in different ways and every place represents a lot more to me than just a sector where I was. I remember things that I learned, felt, saw, did, and more than anything else, the growth felt in each sector - each in different ways. We have 3 weeks more before this transfer ends. I am thinking that I will be heading out. We will have to see. There is still much time before that happens though. Yeah, we did nothing for valentines day, but it was President Rappleyes b-day. I don't remember any other questions ha sorry. Oh yeah, Dad, that other little town where we go is called Melefquen. When we leave our house we have to walk to the other side of Pangui to get to our sector. Our sector is where the church is and up the hill from there. I hope that works for you ha.

Well, now for a little bit about the week. It was a litle bit tuff because, like Bridger and Blake, once again I was sick all week. I am not sure what's wrong with me but I get sick so much more here in the mission than I did before. I was pretty wiped out this last week. I think my body was working so hard against what ever bad thing was inside of me that my body just hurt like crazy and I had no energy, but no unhallowed hand can stop this work from going forth. This week was a great week of work and we are seeing a lot of progress in our sector. We are very excited about our sector and we have been inviting everyone to come unto Christ by inviting them to be baptized. It was a fun week in the work. Thursday Elder Cortez and I had intercambios with the Zone leaders and I went out to Lanco with my good friend newly called zone leader E. Sprenkle. We had an awesome day at work even though I was about all out of energy from being sick. We taught 5 new people and it was an awesome day. We came back to Pangui Friday in the morning to eat cake with the Zone leaders and us four from Pangui for the b-day of E. Trejo, one of the zone leaders. The cake was from Hna Erickson and it was amazing. I was supposed to interview a man for baptism from the other sector Saturday, but he didn't show up because he was in the campo (country) so we are trying to get ahold of him so we can do it and that he can get baptized this Saturday. Sunday we were able to go and get one of our investigators for church. He is 16 and he has a goal to get baptized on the 23rd of march. We are having a few problems with his mom because she doesn't want him to get baptized, the same thing is happening with a 17 year old girl that we are teaching, but we are trying to get into the hearts of these mothers and begin sharing with them too. All in all, besides being sick this week was so so so good. My body and mind are just really tired from the aftermath of the sickness. I am still trying to feel a hundred percent good again but I will get there. For now we will just keep working our hardest in the Lord's work and I know he will do the rest.

I feel amazingly blessed for my life as a missionary. There is no better life. The things I have learned and will continue to learn have changed my life forever. I hope I have been able to do the same for other people. I am so thankful that the Lord calls us to do hard things. I have felt that He has taken a lot of risks on me in calling me to do somethings and some how He is able to work through a rusty almost worthless instrument like me to do things that I could not have imagined seeing in my mission. What a great chance to see these types of things. I love you all.


Elder Brown

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