February 4, 2013

Hola familia y Amigos,

I am glad to hear that all are doing well and that the week was another good one. I would have to agree that it sure has been a fast one. Wow, I can't believe the super bowl came and went so fast and I didn't even hear a single thing about it ha. That's what happens when you live in Latin Americo, where the only football that exists is that one where you really play with your feet. I sure do miss me some good "futbal americano" but there are more important things to be doing at the moment. I can definitely wait.

First, I hope to be able to answer all of my lovely mothers questions (I love you mama). Luis, Vitalia and Bastian are doing good. We are just really hitting it hard with the marriage thing so that they can get baptized. We have a pretty direct and straight forward lesson planned with them tonight with the goal of them committing to get married. So we will see how that goes. It will be a lesson with 5 missionaries. I will explain why in a little bit. Elder Cortez is still struggling with the rules, but I don't think he is missing the family as much. I am trying to love him a little more so that I can show him that it's only for the better that he changes. I am praying for the ability to love him more and for the guidance of the spirit to know how to help him. The Ericksons started their mission here, so we are their helpers in learning to live the mission life. No, they do not do the same things as us. They study and all that, but they don't actually follow the same schedule as us. They do teach, although they don't proselyte. We are so blessed to have them and I love them so much. They have come with us a lot to go teach and the Spirit is always so strong, even when we translate for Hermana Erickson, she doesn't speak Spanish but Elder does. They are here to strenghten the families of the church as well as help us with our investigators. The tacos were awesome, just like yours mother. I loved them. Ok, now for the tooth. So they have done the root canal. They did it in 2 sessions and the best part of all is they didn't numb me!!!! It felt so great. Haha, it was a little less than enjoyable, but hey, it could have been worse. They still aren't finished with everything though, they still need to put in the filling thing. I go in tomorrow hopefully for the last time. I sure hope it comes out good. We are paying a lot. Oh, just so you know, I took out 70 mil pesos more from the bank account but it's not all for dentist. I also want to be able to use money to buy something for memories from Pangui. Hopefully what I took out will last for a long time. A lot is for the dentist though and don't worry I am keeping track of everything I spend and writing it down. The infection is gone. I feel fine again. Yes, the elders in the house gave me the blessing.

Ok, I think I covered everything. First off, I cannot believe that my buddies Caleb and Richie are home. That blows my mind and freaks me out. Haha it really does. They can't be home yet, we all just started our missions. I feel like I just started and there is so much to still be done. You have to give them a big hug and tell them that I love them. One day we will all get together again and it's going to be just like when Alma and the sons of Mosiah met up again. Reading that always makes me emotional thinking about when that happens. I love my buds so much.

OK, a little about the week now. So I have never worked so little in a week for meetings and other things, but I am happy to say that we still had a good week. Tuesday I was in the dentist for like 2 hours. Thursday we went to Valdivia because we had a leaders training which was given by Pres. Rappleye and wow was it good. Friday once again I was in the dentist for 2 hours. Saturday we went and had lunch with the branch at a beach and camping place that is close to Pangui, then after we had a zone meeting for 3 hours in the afternoon. Wow, was that good too. I have learned a lot this week and I could not be more excited to apply all that I have learned.

Well, family sorry this was a bad email. Elder Gardner, my bud from the mtc, just called me to tell me that he is in my first sector, Rahue! I was so happy. I was pretty much yelling here in the cyber haha. I love you all and I hope that all is well. I love the mission. Everyone should serve missions, there is nothing better.Love,
Elder Brown

I have great pics to send but I will have to wait till next week.

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