April 15, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Man I sure do love you all so much. I feel so full of every good feeling that one can possibly feel that in the end it's not worth trying to explain, I just can't do it. All I can really say is that I love my family and I love missionary work. That is the best I can do, anything else sounds cliche or kinda dumb because I am bad at explaining. I cannot show enough gratitude to the Lord for all that is happening here and for the great family that I have. The Lord has for sure blessed Elder Walker and I so very much. I know that this is his work because some how, with two knuckle heads from Utah, he does great things. Elder Walker and I were talking about this and we decided that we felt as if we were in a football game trying our best and not doing so much and then watching the Lord come in and do his work as we sat on the field and watched him work his mighty miracles. What a blessing to be able to be on the front lines to watch him work. We can for sure see his hand in all that is happening here. Well family, I am so glad to here that all is well. I can not believe that once again the crystal cup has broken. When I get home me and him are going to work together to get some meat on those bones. I am sad to hear that Dad is not feeling so great on the weekends. I hope you can work that out with the Doctor and start feeling better.

Well, I don't remember very many questions that you asked me. Mother, I am not sure if I really need anything. I would like more HLJ things to give to kids. They sure love that. In one of the pictures that I am going to attach you will see that I am using those great necklaces that you sent me. I am actually pretty much out of those. I would like some more of those rings to give out though, that would be cool. Dad, those are the apartments, the green ones with the yellow roofs. We live in the second one that is parallel with Manantailes. That's all the questions I can remember. Oh yeah, if you would like mother you can just send me my friends emails here on the email.

WOW, another amazing week come and gone. We are now starting our last week of this transfer. Can you believe that?! I sure hope that Elder Walker and I stay together one more cambio (transfer) because we have not even been able to reach a little bit of the potential that this place has. The family of Gustavo is doing so amazing. I cannot believe that I have the chance to teach that family. They are so awesome. It is a great blessing to be able to teach them. The whole family is progressing wonderfully, you will hear more about that in the recording that I attaching here. Wendy, the Mom, feels great about going to church now because this last week the members did a wonderful job of making her feel at home and welcoming her. Wow, am I grateful for the wonderful members here in Patagonia. The work is progressing greatly, we have found some great new people and we continue to invite everyone we possibly can to be baptized. Here is a cool story. We went to a lady that we had taught one other time, and as we got there she immediately invited us in. As we sat down she sat down amazed and said "I knew you guys were going to show up because I dreamed that you came to teach me". Wow, that was crazy. We invited her to be baptized in May and she accepted. The Lord works miracles, ha, and once again we sit and watch him do his work as we try to do as much as we can which for God is quite little.

This weekend I had a wonderful unexpected opportunity. There are two little 8 year olds that were baptized in our ward this past weekend that we have been teaching a little to help them be prepared. Well, when Saturday came around we found that the real Dad, who is a non member, didn't want the little girls step dad that is a member to baptize her, so, I was asked to baptize her. So I was able to baptize little Elena and then little Nara was baptized by her Dad. I was also privileged to confirm her and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a great little opportunity and both of them loved their little necklace with HLJ.

Well fam, I sure do love you all so much. Oh yeah mother, Elder Walker and I one day were talking a little bit about our mothers and some how we started to talk about our mothers help during school and we talked about how every morning you would prepare my breakfast no matter what it was and my lunch every single day since I started school. I have no idea how you learned to serve so much or how to love and have patience but you are the greatest example there is for me in this life of those three principles along with my dear father. I can not give you enough thanks mother for all that you have done for me in my life. When one looks back at all you have done it is ridiculous the amount of service that you have given me and the amazing part is you have done that for not only me, but 3 other kids and more so you have served a lot of my friends. I love you mother so so so much. I will never be able to pay you back and thanks to your selfless service you have created a bond in our family of love that will never be broken, not even death will break it. I know that thanks to the Temple we will be together forever. I am so glad to have that blessing in my life and be able to share it will others here in southern Chile ( Gustavo, Wendy, Jauquin and Sofia). I love you all so much.
Elder Brown

1. Elena in her baptism
2. There the two little girls are with there necklaces.

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