April 8, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

I really feel as if I don't have room in my soul for the joy and love that I feel here in the mission; for the mission work and for my family and amazing friends. There really is not enough room for all of it nor words that I have to explain. So, as simple as possible I will say, "todo bien, todo MUIY bien". I will tell you a little more about this phrase because it has a lot more meaning for me after yesterday haha. I am so very happy to hear that all is well in Zion ha. Crystal Cup seems to get older and older and more and more fragile, haha, Love you Caiden! Looks like Britt and fam had an awesome time there in Cali. Those pics of the two boys sure cracked me up. They are so cute. I love them so much. I haven't heard from my lost sister Lacee in forever and I sure do miss her and love her.

Wow, what a great week we had. Every week is coming faster and faster, just as the weather changes so fast here. Ha, it's like Utah; in the morning it's nice and a little later it's blowing wind and rain so hard and then once again it is as pretty as can be. It has gotten a lot colder here and yes, mom, I have now broken out my big boy jacket. Haha, it's as warm as can be. I have a hat mom so don't worry about sending one. Dad, we live in Manantiales, right in front of a huge mall. I don't know if you have seen that. It's far away from the ocean. Our apartment buildings are big and green. I can't remember many more questions except for about conference and I will be answering those a little bit later.

Wow, what an amazing week once again. I can't express the feelings of gratefulness that I feel towards the Lord for all that He has done for us in this sector. His hand really is in everything that is happening here and I am just grateful to be able to see Him go to work. All we do is try our best. Though it is very measly, He always puts in his hand and works mighty things, as we sit and watch Him work salvation. We had district meetings on Tuesday and now, I/we, as Zone leaders really don't do anything. The District leaders do everything and we just participate, but we did have good meetings and we were focusing a lot on helping as many investigators get to church as possible. That was our focus as a zone this week. Friday Elder Walker, me and all the district leaders had a leader council where we talked about a few things that we can do better. We talked about a few things that Elder Walker and I have been thinking about since the transfer started. One of the main things being the question... "What do we really love? For what we love determines our desires, our desires determines what we think about and what we do and what we are and what we become". This question has changed the way that I look at missionary work. When all that we do is based on the love that we have for the Lord and the love that we have to do His will, that is when we are really blessed with the power to become the kind of missionaries that the Lord wants to make of us. It's not so easy to change the things that you really love, but as we change them to be the things that the Lord loves we will be changed and blessed. I have been working so hard on this the last little while and I have seen the blessings. I hope to be able to apply it for the rest of my mission and my life. What we love determines who we are and who we become... so what do we really love? After that meeting we went on intercambio (exchanges) and I was with an Elder named Cardozo from Argentina. It was awesome and we taught a lady who told us that she had been praying to find the right baptism. We then told her that we were sent by God to her house to tell her that this was the right way. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes. It was a miracle.

Ok, now to the weekend, the best part! We got to see all sessions of conference, but that is not the best part. The best part is that we were able to see it with 9!!!! of our investigators! WOW, what a miracle! We focused all week on making plans on how they were going to get to the church, who they were going to sit by, and plans like that. Sunday morning session came and one by one the investigators started to arrive. Even better is that as every single one entered a member took them and said come sit with me and my fam and explained to them through out the conference any questions they had. We watched conference in another room so we could hear it in english. So, after it was over we ran back to see what all the investigators had thought. They all loved it. The family of Gustavo was all there which was awesome. They even all brought note books to write the things they felt. They are such an amazing family and we have only taught them like four times. I sure do love them. Then all of a sudden, one of the members comes up to me and says "Elder there is a couple that says you invited them to conference in the street and they came". WOW, how amazing is that. We found this couple in the street and we invited them and they said they would come and sure enough there they were. I was so tired after that session because we were running around trying to talk to everyone ha. What a weekend full of miracles, not to mentioned all the things I learned in conference. I forgot to bring my notes to share my favorite parts, so I will just tell you a few I remember.

In one talk the Elder said that there is almost nothing more powerful than a mothers prayer. I know that is true because if my mother hadn't prayed as much as she has and does I don't think I would be where I am. It's all thanks to my mother's powerful prayers. Another Elder said that a mission was a family affair, and I know that is true because many have helped me to be here and I am eternally grateful for their help. I learned so much from conference I will have to share more with you next week. I love you all. Dad, if you could send me some more cookie recipes I would love it. Remember, everyone, to let your light shine to a world that is in darkness. Love you all. I know that this is the Lord's church and yesterday we heard a prophet, called of Him. I KNOW IT!!! The stone cut out of the wall without hands is for sure filling the whole world, even to the ends at Punta Arenas!! I love it!
Elder Brown

Ps. I said "todo bien" had a special meaning because last night we invited an investigator to pray right there, and ask if he should be baptized this next week. He asked and it was silent for a good 5 minutes. The Spirit was powerful. Then he said "thanks for hearing me" and ended his prayer. He stands up and being a very simple man of few words looks at us and says "todo bien" (It's all good). Haha, I love that man, Jose. What another miracle! Haha, so many I don't have room to write them all.

PSS make sure Elder Stewart knows that I sure love that guy. I am so grateful for his great example to me. I love him a ton. I will always remember the cry fest that we all had the night before he left haha.

1. Elder Walker and I the two utahans
2. Elder Walker left me a little gift on my bed after making it for me while I was in the bathroom haha
3. Punta Arenas

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