April 22, 2013

Hola familia y amigos,

I am so happy to hear from all of you. I love you all and I am so thankful for every single one of you. I have a few comments for each of you. First, I love those pics of the little boys at the lego museum. Blake's face just cracked me up haha. He is just full of great expressions. My sisters are so darn pretty, WOW! That graduation announcment and the pics of Brit and the boys - you both look so pretty. What happened to me? I sure didn't come out good lookin' like them! Those pics of Crystal cup are so awesome! Way to go buddy. I can't believe you are going on a date this next week, that is so crazy. I hope you have the mission on the mind the whole time you are on your date, hahaha. I am such a missionary nerd now. I am glad that Dad could work out his medicine a little better so that you could have your weekends back.

Alrighty, to answer some questions first. I am so sorry I have no pics of penguins, they are actually really far away from us. I don't think I will actually be able to see them before I leave Punta Arenas because during the winter they get even further away. Sad to say Dad, we never go down to see the elders in Porvenir. The poor guys are just stuck out there all by themselves. I am sure that we will be seeing some snow coming here soon, haha it's going to be great!!!!, Yes we will be able to skype yo creo(I think).

Well, now for some news. I am sorry to say that the companionship of Elder Walker and Brown is coming to an end. The spirit has called him another way. This Wednesday he will be heading out to Puerto Varas. I will be staying here with Elder Stanley, a red head. I will tell you a little more about him when I get to know him. I am so sad to see Elder Walker go, but if we didn't have changes we wouldn't be stretched to grow, so we will do what the Lord wants us to do, for he know what's best for his children. Gustavo and family were very sad to hear that. Gustavo even began to cry. It was sad to see, but he will continue to progress and the friendship we have made with them I know will last forever, even after this life and I know that if we all live the gospel all the way to the end we will be together one day. They are amazing. I can't believe how fast this last cambio (transfer) has gone by. I learned so very much with Elder Walker this last cambio, things that will change my life forever. I will never forget this last cambio, it has been one of my very favorites. I look forward to continuing to learn and to see the amazing people here in Punta Arenas keep progressing.

This last week was crazy because on Monday the APs got here to Punta Arenas to stay with us a few days. Some how they talked pres. into letting them come down here because neither of them had been down here and they wanted to go on divisions with us and see how the zone was doing. So, they were here with us Monday until Thursday morning. We had a great time together. We had a zone training on Tuesday that Elder Walker and I did. It was a lot of fun and we got some great practicing in with all the Elders. We love to do practices of teaching with the zone. The best part of the week has to be Sunday though, because 9 investigators.... 9, were there in church this last week. It was so amazing, it was a blessing from the Lord. It had nothing to do with our skills. The Lord is doing his work and once again we sit and are amazed by his great power and mercy toward us weaklings. 9 investigators there in church - it was so awesome. The gospel principles class was totally full haha.The Lira Lopez family (Gustavo and Wendy and fam) are doing so awesome. This past Saturday we had a service project and Gustavo was there helping for about 5 hours. He is so amazing and is a great example to all of us and even more so for the members of the ward. He is one awesome guy. I sure do love him.

I will have to tell all my buds that wrote me hi from this email because we are still not allowed to write other people here in the email, only in this email. SO Jord, Richie and big man Turner, I love you all and I am so glad to hear from you all. I hope all is well. Nothing could be better here in the end of the earth declaring repentance.

Well, fam, I cannot explain the love I feel for all of you and for this work. Really, I know with all of my heart that this is the Lords work. For he is in it and he works his mighty miracles. I have seen them first hand here as I have seen a family of four who had no idea about the Gospel receive it with open arms and immediately begin to live it to the best they can. The Lord blesses us so much. I have learned so much from teaching Gustavo's family. The Lord prepares the hearts of his children to receive his Gospel. I know that if we live the Gospel to the fullest and really love it, it will change our lives forever. This is what I have seen in this family. I love this work and I love the Gospel, there is nothing better in this world. I love you family with all my heart and I hope that all is well.

Elder Brown

1. Service project - we built that little room in a few hours ha. Gustavo is the one on the far right and the rest are members.
2. The sun is so strong here that it burns your skin. This is us and the APs preparing ourselves with our battle paint (sun screen) and our weapons haha (Book of Mormon) I told you we were nerds.
3. Punta Arenas is the city of rainbows. If there is rain there is always a rainbow.

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