July 20, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Wow!!! Is all I can say as well Mother about this last week. It was full of many really cool expiriences, and as well as a lot of different emotions. I am glad to hear that all is going well and that the family continues to enjoy the summer vacations, well at least Caiden, haha. I am not sure how Lacee is doing because, of course, I have not heard from her for quite awhile, haha stinker, but I know she is busy. That's way cool that Brent is now home. I am so glad that Bridger remembers me and shows interest in the fact that some day I will come home.

Alright, first for a few answers to some questions. Dad, you are exactly right about the sleeping bag, and yes, I will be able to bring it home because I will leave some big stuff like sheets and towels here when I come home, so that will free up plenty of space for a sleeping bag. I am thinking about buying a better one so I am not sure how much I am going to spend. I am sure I still won't spend too much on one as long as it can be stuffed up real small. Mother, I will now try to answer all your questions. I hope that I don't miss anything. First off, we do not live in the mission home. We live in an apartment building, where we live on the 4th floor. All 4 elders from the office live on the 1st floor, and the Goodmen's, a senior couple, live on the third floor, haha. It is a building full of mormons! Mother, I don't think I explained real well that Elder Larsen was only with us till Wednesday. He actually is not here, he went to train a new elder in the sector where he started his mission. It's just me and Elder Balbuena. Yes, I had a chance to say bye to everyone in Punta Arenas, because I went to church there on Sunday and left right after for the airport. So, I got to say bye to everyone there in church, all at once, haha. It is cold in Osorno, but not too bad, it's not as bad as in Punta Arenas. I had no feeling what so ever that I was going to come here to Osorno, haha, it was a suprise. I actually don't think Iwill need any new shirts because I just found a couple when we were cleaning out a little missionary closet thing we have in the basement of our apartment building and they are perfect for me and they are really nice, so I think I will be just fine shirt wise. One thing I do request is some more Nerds, because, remember my good friend Elder Moreno, who loves them? He happens to be here in the office as secretary of the mission, so I would like to be able to give him some more because his face when he sees Nerds is a crack up haha.

OK, now for a little bit about this last week that was so crazy. So, Monday we talked with all the zone leaders and saw how the zones were doing. It was really cool to be able to talk to all them and get to know them a little better and see how they are all super awesome and amazing missionaries. I don't know very many of them because being down in Punta Arenas is like being in another mission. It's so far away that you don't hear from anyone except those who are down there. Tuesday we got to go pick up the new missionaries that got here. There was 20 of them, 12 sisters and 8 elders. It was so cool to be there with Elder Larsen and look back and remember that over a year and a half ago that was us getting off the plane. Ha, it was pretty fun to get to know the new elders. We brought them back to the mission home with Pres. Rappleye, Elder Goodmen and Elder Erickson (yep I got to see the Ericksons and it was so awesome to see them for a couple days while they were down here helping with transfers). We then gave a little welcome presentation to the new Elders where we talked about our mission and how awesome and pretty it is as well and share with them a couple of the rules of the mission and stuff like that. We got to enjoy a great dinner with all the newbies and the three pairs of senior couples in our mission, including Pres. and Hermana Rappleye. Then Wednesday was the craziest of all days. We gave a training to all the new trainers that came to pick up their new elders. Then we had a lunch with all the newbies and their trainers, then it was a hustle to get all them to their buses and get all the elders out to their new sectors since Wednesday was official transfers over all the mission. Then came the hardest but most spiritual part. We had the program for those missionaries who were leaving the mission, including my beloved comp Elder Walker. We had an amazing dinner with all of them that were leaving, the senior couples and Pres. and his wife. We then had a devotional where we watched their slideshow with pics from their missions. We then had a devotional where all the missionaries shared their testimonies. It was so powerful. Then the senior couples all gave their advice to those that were leaving. That was so powerful as well. Then Pres. and his wife said some words. We then were supposed to sing the hymn of the mission wich is called "fe en cada paso" or in english "faith in every footstep". Oohhhh, I could not handle it. I could not sing a single verse of that song I was so choked up. The spirit was so strong, I love that song so much. We then headed to the bus stop to drop all the Elders off so they could head to Santiago. It was so hard to see them go. There were so many members there to say bye to Elders. I happened to see some converts from Rahue there, as well as my first Mamita of the mission. It was so awesome to see them. There were a lot of tears shed in that Bus station. The next day Elder Balbuena and I were invited to go with the Ericksons and Goodmens to do a devotional on missionary work for the one and only stake of Rahue, or in other words, the stake where I started my mission. It was amazing to see members and converts of where I started my mission. We were able to bare testimony of mission work and answer the youth's questions. It was so much fun. Wow, then the rest of the week was full of all kinds of work. Ha, the week went so fast.

Well family, I want all of you to know how much I love the Lord's work. I know that this is his work. I know that he leads it and with his servants he brings it about. I hope to be one of these servants. I hope he can trust in me and send me on his errands. I hope he feels he can rely on me to follow his spirit. I hope that through out my whole life I can be a servant that he can always send on his errands. I love this Gospel and I know that it is true I love you all. I will atach as many pics as possible because today we went on a trip with the Goodmens to some pretty places.
Elder Brown

1. Pres. and Hermana Rappleye and some good guys and me haha
2. After that youth conference that we were invited to with some of the kids I taught and were baptized after i left cool huh????!!!!!
3. A good young man that I met in my first sector that is super funny
4. The women in the middle is the lady that we found, tuaght and baptized her husband I saw her at the conference where she had brought a couple nephews who arn´t members to the conference!!!
5 Today at volcan osorno
6 All the office elders hanging out haha
7. Salto de petrohue
8. The Goodmens and me
9. Waterfall

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